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    October 1, 2015 marked a huge change in the club industry. After October 1, businesses who allow credit or debit cards need to update their terminals to accept EMV chip cards. Businesses that do not switch are exposed to assuming financial responsibility if a data breach or counterfeit transaction occurs. If you haven't made the switch to EMV accepted terminals, take a moment to read why the change makes sense to alleviate any worry about payment fraud. What is EMV? EMV stands for Europay,

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    Dear valued Member, We hope this letter is reaching you in good holiday spirits and that you're looking forward to the new year. Our family here at VGM Club would like to share some of our progress this past year, and introduce you to some of our initiatives for 2016. What a wonderful year it has been. Overall, the club industry has seen positive, upward movement during 2015. Likewise we have been blessed to see another year of positive growth in our membership and, most importantly, incremental

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    Welcome to winter project season. While most members think that superintendents spend the winter sitting at their desks with their feet up, sipping hot cocoa, most are actually out tackling big projects. Here at VGM Club, we understand that in the winter, when superintendents do not need to worry about impeding play they work on equipment maintenance, or tree work, etc. If the weather does not cooperate, a superintendent's time may be spent shoveling sidewalks and plowing parking lots for the

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