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    Moving into 2016, a universal theme for us at VGM Club is reinvention and growth. Reinvention through our move to a state-of-the-art website and mobile app. Growth through the addition of new team members. All of this is accomplished with one unwavering goal in mind: To continue providing extraordinary customer service. Our latest announcement is something we have been working to accomplish for some time. VGM Club's territory teams are now one to one. What does this mean? In 2015, many

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    Too often are clubs described as stuffy, and it can be difficult to change that perception, but with proper HVAC system maintenance, that statement won't be used to describe your club's air quality. Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding any issues before they become bigger problems. VGM Club members are offered a great program with Grainger who is offering large discounts on a wide selection of air filters this season. Clean filters can help minimize dust, allergens and other contaminants,

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