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    Currently, just under 1,000 VGM Club members are using our chemical and fertilizer programs. Among those members, $1 million in annual product credit rebates will be divvied out for 2015 purchasing through our fertilizer and chemical programs – that's a seven percent increase from 2014! At VGM Club, we sense this growth is a result of the value and support these programs offer our members. If you read our State of the Industry piece, you may recognize this quote - "VGM Club members

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    It's been proven that a person's happiness is greater when surrounded by natural environments (for the research click here) So whether your club is located in the middle of a bustling metropolis or surrounded by a towering mountain range, it's the view outside your window that sets your patrons at ease. But just being able to look out of a window has its limitations, and nothing is quite like sitting right in the middle of the great outdoors. In an article featured in Club & Resort

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    Another great Iowa Golf Summit in the books and we had a chance to chat with VGM Club's ambassadors at the event to sum it up for us. The event is hosted by the Iowa PGA Section, Iowa GCSAA and Iowa Golf Association, and as always it was a great day. This past Iowa Golf Summit we sponsored was not our first, and through Kyle Phillips' and Shawn Krusey's reflections, it is clear it won't be our last. After attending The Iowa Golf Summit, what about the event keeps us coming back

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    "Golf is becoming less and less a driver in our industry, family activities are a much larger driver and trying to stay ahead of the curve is hugely important" says Bill Griffon, General Manager of The Forest Highlands Association. Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Go to any large conference or read any industry publication and this sentiment is echoed throughout. Golf is still paramount, but clubs can no longer avoid offering amenities beyond the course. So what are Bill and the Forest

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