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    Written by: Cam Schultz I'm going to get this out there right now--VGM is a VERY patriotic company It all started with our late, great founder, Van G. Miller, who literally wore his love for our country on his sleeve nearly every day. And it's only grown from there. Even more so this year for some reason. It could be that our office hosted many Presidential candidates as they prepped for the Iowa caucuses or maybe it's the upcoming Olympics (complete with golf...YES!) Whatever

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    VGM Club and Van-Wall Equipment invited superintendents across Iowa to participate in a two-day event at The Harvester on July 12 & 13. "Where in your life do you meet better people than on a golf course?" - Doug Ruffridge, Superintendent at Oskaloosa Golf Club. Doug is right. VGM Club reps meet and discuss with folks across the golf industry every single day. Face to face. It is here that we hash out a program that works for your club. It is also where we develop relationships and forge deeply

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    Johnny Davis of the United States Consulting Group (USCG) stopped by our headquarters in June and hopped on our Club Cents podcast to share how the USCG is saving VGM members money. We transposed his answers below. To listen to the episode in its entirety, scroll to the bottom and press play on the embedded media player. USCG is a leading waste and recycling program with over 40,000 clients. They use that buying power to save their customers (currently in a contract or not) an average of

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    Securing a fundraising event each year gets competitive. Any chance your club has to create value is a step that must be taken. What if we told you Standard Golf has a solution? Standard Golf has full-coverage customize-able dye-sublimated flags that are perfect for your next fundraising event, member-guest tournament and so much more! Orders are made in sets of 9, but each flag can be customized. It's time to think outside the box, how can these flags be an opportunity for added value? Event

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