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    Just how popular is the NFL? The top 12 shows of the 2015 fall season were all NFL games, led by the 29.4 million viewers who tuned in for the Seattle-Dallas game on Nov. 1. In all, 26 of the top 27 programs were professional football games! Year in and year out the NFL regularly holds about 27 or 28 of the top 30 shows in the fall. The Macy's Day Parade is the only show consistently holding a place in the top 30 as well. - Via USA Today How can your course capitalize? Sports-related

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    Club Chefs, VGM Club wants to know: Who has the best "Club Grub" sandwich in America? Thousands of clubs are serving great sandwiches every day. No secret there. It's also no secret that club chefs across the country are some of the most creative individuals in the industry. It got us thinking, how can we celebrate this? Ah ha! Club Grub Contest: The Sandwich was born. VGM Club and our partners at Hellmann's® & Best Foods® Mayonnaise have launched VGM Club's first

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    Club Cents is brought to you by our presenting sponsor: Sysco   Interested in joining us on a show? Message us! Click the icon(s) to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.    Episode 44: New Years Resolutions with Kevin Walker Executive Chef and Certified Master Chef Kevin Walker talks about his various experiences in kitchens across the country, and how he ended up at Ansley Golf Club. He dives into how he uses these experiences to train

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    Early order programs alleviate price, risk and uncertainty concerns for superintendents across the country According to a Golfdom report in 2015, 80 percent of their readers participated in an early order program. Why does it make sense for a superintendent to participate in an early order program (EOP)? What are the benefits of using a VGM Club preferred fertilizer and chemical supplier when ordering early? It goes beyond the stack-able product credits, but they are worth mentioning. Our committed

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    "It's a match made in heaven." - DJay Ellis, President & CEO, VGM Club. DJay continued, "ushering in a new crop of young golfers is hugely important. We wouldn't feel comfortable calling ourselves a part of this industry unless we were doing our part to grow the game with young people - and it starts in our own backyard. That is precisely why we chose to partner with the Waterloo Junior Golf Association (WJGA)." Executive Director of the Waterloo Junior Golf Association, Tom Berg, had