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    Van Wall Turf Equipment hosted its first product demonstration day in the state of Iowa. The demo day featured an assortment of John Deere turf equipment and was hosted at the Iowa State University's Horticulture Research Station. "This is our first equipment demo in Iowa," said Jon Francis, Golf and Turf sales manager for Van Wall Turf Equipment. "We wanted to show as many people in the golf industry as many products as we could in one setting and take advantage of the current rise in enthusiasm

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    Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (OTF) Conference & Show in partnership with VGM Club, JW Turf, Reynolds Golf & Turf and Shearer Golf Equipment are looking for assistant superintendents to send to the OTF Conference & Show. This year is the OTF Conference & Show's 50th Anniversary. For the last 50 years, the OTF has been continuing the education of its members through their annual conference held each December. Through the education seminars and workshops at this event, the OTF has provided countless

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    VGM Insurance Services, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Affinity Agency Group, LLC. of Morristown, N.J. The acquisition was finalized on June 30 and is a significant value-added solution to VGM Club members. "VGM Insurance's acquisition of Affinity Agency Group furthers our drive to diversify and expand into additional markets and increase our portfolio of insurance solutions," said Mike Kloos, president of VGM Insurance Services. Affinity Agency Group, founded in

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    Written by: Cam Schultz Here is a list of quotes I've heard over the past year from various club personnel: "Yeah, I do work 7 days a week in season, but they're only half days... 9 am to 9 pm!" -General Manger from Michigan "If you want to play a lot of golf don't be a golf pro; be an accountant. I've played 2 rounds this year." -Head Professional from Georgia "I came into the shop at 4 am to fix the #!@& greens mower since the big group goes off early today." -Superintendent

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