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    This past week VGM Club was able to gather VGM Club members, speakers and partners together for a full day of GCSAA certified education and demonstration. “It was exciting to bring together experts from different disciplines to provide the audience with a high level of education. It was our goal to bundle several educational credits for superintendents and bring it to them. With the support of the GCSAA we made that happen.” – Cam Schultz, Session leader and VP of Marketing. On

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    Our Agronomy Advisory Board Mailbag: Quarter Three edition is brought to you by the VGM Club Fertilizer & Chemical Program. This quarter we switched up the process a bit. Instead of fielding the questions from our membership , we asked our board a question to help us with our GCSAA seminar titled “The Four Turf Languages”. We wanted to focus on communication. How do you communicate to your membership and board/owners, and what mediums do you use to do so? For our seminar,

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