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    This mailbag column goes only so far as your questions can take it. To ask a question for quarter three, where the Agronomy Advisory Board will answer timely questions about budgeting for the new year, early order programs and more, click here. Maybe we should start with what a mailbag column is. Simply put, a mailbag column is where the readers send the questions, and generally speaking, an expert answers, and our Agronomy Advisory Board, is just that. A panel of experts. What we hope

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    For many clubs across the country, diving board, pool houses, first tees and more will be lined with club kids. Each anxiously awaiting their first cannon ball, candy bar or tee shot of the summer. It is not naïve to understand these kids offer another revenue opportunity for your club, and stocking your club with kid’s treats is much easier than building out an entire summer long kid’s camp. That does not mean it isn’t worth it. Armed with that knowledge, many clubs are

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    Media Contact: Cam Schultz, Vice President of Marketing, VGM Club  Email: cam.schultz@vgm.com Phone: 319-274-4503 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  VGM Club partners with EZLinks Waterloo, Iowa – April 11, 2018 – VGM Club has announced a new partnership with EZLinks Golf, a PGA TOUR Affiliated Company. The partnership will expand VGM Club’s offerings and introduce its 3,500 members to EZLinks’ suite of technologies for golf course and private club managers.    “We’re

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    Before we begin a relationship with a supplier partner, we determine how they fit within our own philosophy. Without question, John Deere Golf’s commitment to quality products and services parallels ours. This has led to a partnership that extends beyond just benefits on purchasing John Deere Golf equipment.  Once we dig deeper to specific dealers, you find the commitment to service throughout the entire ownership process. Not only are you getting the performance of John Deere

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    In our Pro Shop Newsletter, we asked what VGM Club could do to help you and your club put on great tournaments this golf season. We found that respondents were most interested in learning about the best practices used within our community. At VGM Club, we strive to not only offer solutions and savings, but also a community where members come together for thought leadership and innovative business practices. To deliver on our question of the month, we bring you one of the true all-stars in the golf

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