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“I get the ‘Club’ part but what does ‘VGM’ stand for?”

Posted On: May 7, 2019 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy VGM Club

“I get the ‘Club’ part but what does ‘VGM’ stand for?”

“I get the ‘Club’ part but what does ‘VGMstand for?”

We get that question quite often. Our team quickly answers by sharing a story or two about our co-founder, Van G. Miller, and why the company bares his initials as our namesake.

The “VGM” acronym can take on other translations. When thinking about our agronomy programs for the sake of this blog, I in particular can think of our moniker standing for this…




Value from our Fertilizer & Chemical Program. The facts & figures speak for themselves. Nearly 40% of clubs with VGM Club memberships utilize this program. These clubs saved north of $700,000 last year alone. The merit of this program doesn’t simply end with the monetary value.

This year we will be providing quarterly reporting for all credits earned when a participating VGM Club purchases from one of our distributor partners.  This will help keep track of the VGM benefits offered and extend a club’s budget.  If your club participates, soon you will see first a recap of all credits in 2018. Then a few weeks later you’ll get a recap of January through March 2019 and so on.

To view the distributors in your area that comprise our valuable program in your area click here.

Growth giving our members more opportunities. Sticking with the ever-evolving world of supply chain management for chemicals and fertilizers, a couple of our distributor partners have expanded their coverage to better serve the club industry from Colorado out west. Target Specialty and Winfield are now bringing that aforementioned VGM value to clubs in the western third of the United States. Those along with a strong partnership with Nutrien Solutions give a larger portion of the VGM Club membership great options.  (If you didn’t check out our distributor map earlier, you may want to now. Here’s the link again…click here.)

Adding products help with growth and that’s what one of our manufacturer partners, Nufarm, recently did. The addition of the Sure Power™ herbicide and Traction™ fungicide provides even more rebate allowance for our members. Check out the Nufarm page on our website for all the details.

Maintenance is my favorite VGM category. So much so our team keeps adding partners to make this area grow even more valuable. (I know…I’m killing these keywords bloody, but just stay with me.)

We have found a solution to keep what you already own clean as can be by partnering with Turf Techno.  

If you do not know about these cleaning solution products click here.  You won’t regret it. VGM Club members receive discounts on all products.

If some all-natural cleaner and elbow grease simply can’t fix it and you need to purchase some equipment, we have a solution for you there as well. VGM Club has started a new partnership with VGM Insurance and Finance Solutions for our members. Their financing division will focus on VGM Club members looking to get competitive rates on Golf Cars and Turf Equipment. This financing is powered through Wells Fargo. The insurance division will offer exclusive products and partnerships with leading carriers, deliver broader insurance solutions that can be tailored to your unique needs. More on this service can be seen by clicking here.

As you can see, there is a lot of Value and Growth happening on the Maintenance side of the VGM Club program.  We have more exciting things coming your way in the future too. Stay tuned and thanks for being a VGM Club member.