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Celebrating 10 Years with John Deere Golf & Sports Turf

Posted On: September 5, 2019 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy Golf VGM Club

Celebrating 10 Years with John Deere Golf & Sports Turf

September marks the ten year anniversary of our partnership with John Deere, bringing their lineup of turf equipment to the forefront of participating facilities through the lens of VGM Club. And what a decade it has been. Even more so today than what we witnessed back in 2009, John Deere Golf leads with great innovation & opportunities forging through the challenges that a changing economy & market conditions bring forth. They are the leader on forward-thinking technology (think autonomous fairway mower) and quality. They are known to be trusted by the best. VGM Club agrees and so do our members just take a look back through the years to see why…

  1. Over double the Green Iron. The year 2010 saw just over 1,000 pieces of John Deere core turf equipment purchased by participating VGM Club members. That number grew to north of 3,000 units, 3,011 pieces to be exact, in 2018 and the projected total for 2019 is nearly 3,500. Clubs across the United States are clearly seeing the value of John Deere and the savings VGM Club can provide.
  2. $5 million. Speaking of savings, John Deere Golf has rewarded those same members with a generous sum of rebate allowances on core turf equipment purchases—to the tune of $5 million to be exact The savings simply don’t stop at the cash back either. The tremendous John Deere dealership network has supported the VGM Club community with drastic discounts to earn business across the country too. 
  3. Relationships & retention. That leads us to impactful relationships. Beyond these savings, the impactful relationships formed may be the biggest payoff for everyone involved.  We have seen countless equipment transactions turn into lasting relationships between the buyer and seller. Saying it is a win-win may sound like a cliché but it does run true to form here.

We look back on these ten years and see building success. We look forward to the next ten and see even more excitement and connections for everyone interested in John Deere Golf. If you have questions on why John Deere Golf & Sports Turf, please contact us at 800.363.5480 or contact@vgm.com.