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Golf Inc. Strategies Summit Brings Innovation to Clubhouses

Posted On: September 8, 2017 by ClubProcure in: Clubhouse Food and Beverage VGM Club

Golf Inc. Summit Brings Innovation to Clubhouses

Coming up on September 25-27 is the Golf Inc. Strategies Summit in Greensboro, Georgia. Our own Dawn Prebula will be speaking at this event and will be representing VGM Club as an official sponsor of this event. Anyone can attend this event and the networking opportunities with suppliers and other executives are endless.

We interviewed Dawn to learn more about the event and how it can bring value to club managers and their clubs:

Can you describe the Strategies Summit and its importance to clubs and organizations across the nation?

Dawn: The Golf Inc. Strategies Summit is a gathering of business leaders in the golf industry who come together to learn and share their expertise with each other. The event is designed to allow this to happen in an intimate, relaxed environment. Whether you are an industry veteran or new to the business, there is value for all attending the event.

What is the largest benefit a club manager could gain from attending this summit?

Dawn: There are many benefits for a manager to attend. The educational sessions always offer innovative ideas to help improve operations or increase revenue and guest satisfaction. Networking with your peers produces insight and is also inspirational.

Can you give us a sneak peak of what you will be presenting on and its importance?

Dawn: The majority of my comments will cover food and beverage and the importance of that is most operators shy away from F&B and look at it as a necessary evil. They know golf and not F&B. However, I show them easy non-threatening ways to make more money in F&B that they can easily implement at their courses.

Why would the Strategies Summit be a good place for visiting with peers and idea sharing?

Dawn: Unlike some of the other larger golf related shows, this event is limited to a few hundred people and about 30 exhibitors so attendees really do get a chance to learn from each other. Also, there are several events scheduled that focus on networking, including a couple receptions, luncheons and coffee breaks. The atmosphere created is very conducive to sharing ideas with peers.

Amy McClean-Ragsdale, director of member development at VGM Club, has attended this specific summit with Dawn multiple times and she can also attest to the benefit of networking there.

“The networking aspect of the event has certainly assisted us and many of the attendees with direct business growth either by creating new business relationships or strengthening existing ones.”

Also, Amy has guest passes available! If you’re interested in a guest pass click contact VGM Club at 800-363-5480.

For more information about the event, you can see their brochure here.