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Happy Holidays from VGM Club

Posted On: December 4, 2017 by ClubProcure in: VGM Club

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from VGM Club...

These are a few of our favorite things:

VGM Club has traveled 340,000+ miles to visit our members and partners

It is easy to say we would go around the world and back for our member. It is another to actually do it. We logged enough miles on the road this year to travel around the world almost 15 times! We’ve been to a lot this year. Industry shows, facility visits, charity outings, and more helped us amass that amount of miles. These face-to-face meetings meant the world to us, and we hope they are valuable for you too. Carla Boss, VP of Member Services remembers one specific week of travels:

“Mike Woltz and I traveled to Dallas, Texas this year to participate in the Lone Star Chapter GCSA Texas Trophy Tournament. Our friends at Gentle Creek Country Club in Prosper, Texas hosted the event. While we were there we were able to meet with many of our VGM Club community members and partners. What made this trip special was the opportunity we had to donate to the Hurricane Relief fund that went directly to affected superintendents in the South Texas Chapter on behalf of VGM Club. The total relief funds raised was over $15,000! This is a testament to the golf industry as a whole. We were humbled to be a small part of that.” – Carla Boss

Total Savings and Rebates Topped $14,000,000

VGM Club has been building our community for a while. Just ask Isleworth Country Club. They have been members since 2004! Being a membership community means consistently growing relationships. Our total savings and rebates that go directly back to our members increased to over $14,000,000 for many reasons, including a growing membership base. As Glenn Smith, Member Development Representative in Florida, explains – there is more to it than just that:

“Isleworth Country Club in Windermere, Florida is a prime example of how a membership grows into a full-blown successful relationship. We have grown the savings and rebates with Isleworth every year since 2011. This is in large part due to the relationship we have been able to forge with their Purchasing Manager, Henry Robinson. This example is truly a microcosm of how our total savings and rebates have grown over the years. It is not just because our membership has grown; it is because of the friendships we have built. We look forward to working with Isleworth to grow the number again in 2018.” – Glenn Smith

450 New Members Joined

This places our membership community near 4,000 clubs. We are working every day to learn how to better work in conjunction with our team, members and partners to deliver on our promise to be a full-facility, non-compliant member service community. Member Development Representative, Troy Hoffman had a perfect example of what that looks like:

“Club Car representative, Dave Nelson introduced me to We-Ko-Pa Golf Club’s General Manager, Matt Barr during the club’s pursuit of new carts. Dave and I worked together to secure We-Ko-Pa’s conversion rebate, but like most of VGM Club’s stories, the savings only started there. After joining, they quickly jumped on our DirecTV program, Stens, Bridgestone and placed an order for $7k worth of rakes through our Standard Golf program. We-Ko-Pa was able to see the value of our solutions immediately, and I look forward to learning more about Matt and the operation to dig deeper in 2018.” – Troy Hoffman

Over 8,000 Website Logins

We have already determined that adding more account numbers increases savings and rebate totals, but what does logging into myVGMClub have to do with this? Logging into your dashboard is the best way to see all of VGM Club’s solutions. Head there now and find a place where you can add account numbers and increase your savings and rebates for 2018 too! Amy Linder, Director of Member Services, recalled an example of just that when she walked one of her members through the website earlier this year:

“Shortly after I started working with the Southwest territory, I contacted Kelly Srack at Rams Hill Golf Club in Borrego Springs, California. I walked her through the website and she was immediately able to add 10 account numbers. She was shocked at all the possibilities and I look forward to how this will translate to increased savings and rebates in 2018.” – Amy Linder

As we reflect on 2017, we hope that it has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and all those close to your heart. Cheers and happy holidays!