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Is Your Event Center Adaptable? Let VGM Club Help.

Posted On: June 30, 2018 by ClubProcure in: Clubhouse VGM Club

Is Your Event Center Average? Let VGM Club Help.

In this industry, having an adaptable event center with a long list of uses can go a long way for a clubs business. Having the means to host a wide range of events is what sets successful clubs apart. What does it take to win over this long range of consumers?

How to separate yourself

Being able to adapt a room to fit a certain amount of guests is one of the first demands that comes to mind for any occasion. If it is a small gathering, you don’t want to be in a large ballroom setting. On the flip side, a large ballroom wedding wouldn’t fit in a small conference room. Flexible floor plans give any club the means to host both of these events. Having moveable walls and other capabilities to separate the rest of a room, or a neighboring room, can give you the chance to utilize other areas of your center without compromising the experience of others.

Furniture, and more

You have the floor plans figured out? That’s great, but there’s always more… Décor and furniture options are a huge factor in choosing event centers, especially when you consider adaptability. The color of linens, size of tables, table setup, type of chairs, and color of napkins are some of the many factors people look for in an event center.

We were able to sit down and talk to the owner of VGM Furniture, Carol Swift, and get some insight and product highlights that includes chairs, tables, and transport storage for these products.

What is one of the most popular products you sell?

Carol: The White Resin Chairs are one of the best sellers. These chairs have a classic wedding look, and are very easy to keep clean. Many people simply use a magic eraser to clean these chairs. Also, the seat pads are replaceable. If the seats start to look a little dirty or worn, this is a cheaper option instead of replacing the entire chair.

What is a product that you feel many clubs miss out on?

Carol: One of the most overlooked items is the Fan Back Poly Fold Chairs. These can come in white or black, and are a very good choice for clubs. This style is a little more attractive than the regular poly fold chairs, but more economical than the resin chairs. This option also has a higher back which makes them more comfortable. Many clubs use these under canopies or awnings during outdoor events. These can be used for parties, weddings, or golf tournaments. The Fan Back Poly Fold Chairs are a good choice for a club looking for an all-purpose type seating.

Are the products offered easy to move or relocate to other areas of the club?

Carol: Transport and storage is a big concern for many clubs. Most of the chairs offered pair with a cart, and we recommend getting a cart for both storage and transport. The all-terrain movers are a great choice for clubs needing to move chairs back and forth over grass or rough areas. These 

all terrain movers work on a pallet system, so the chairs stack on a pallet and the mover is used for picking up and transporting these pallets. These movers are a slick and an easy way to move almost any folding chair. Supplier partners also offer stack covers that keep your chairs covered and clean while in storage.

What other products are offered that clubs might not think of?

Carol: We have some really nice cocktail tables. These are always a challenge to keep in storage, but luckily we have transport carts for these as well. These carts also work for banquet and round tables, which makes storage for these tables easier and faster for club staff. Having a good storage cart like this gives you the chance to have more table offerings to your guests, and keeps your product looking nice and new.

Also, for your large weddings or family events that have a beautiful outdoor setting you could look into purchasing a portable bar, and an indoor/outdoor dance floor. Both of these are a nice addition for clubs who want to expand their operations outside of the event center. These bars are a quick setup as needed around the club, as well as a beautiful and quality dance floor that can be set up wherever you feel it is needed. Now this is only the beginning to what makes a good event center. Check out the rest of their products by visiting our VGM Furniture Program catalog.

What else can VGM Club do for you?

VGM Club can quote products and assist you and making your club the best it can be. To find out more about VGM Club and what we offer, visit www.vgmclub.com

For more information on VGM Furniture, go to www.vgmfurniture.com. For direct service, contact Carol Swift at (855)-836-6900 or email her at carol@vgmfurniture.com.