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Lower Your Monthly Expenses with VGM Club

Posted On: November 2, 2017 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy Clubhouse Food and Beverage Pro Shop

Lowering Your Monthly Expenses

Every club manager aims to find the best ways to cut costs and lower expenses, while still trying to meet the demands of their members. Cutting monthly expenses is a must if clubs want to operate efficiently, and together with the partners we have outlined below, we have done just that.

United States Consulting Group

The US Consulting Group is a national waste and recycling management company offering substantial cost savings to clients at no capital expense. Their services are provided on a shared basis, delivering a win-win opportunity at no risk to you. Through VGM Club, members see an average savings of 34%!

USCG offers programs for businesses to avoid any effect on the operational footprint of the business. In an interview with Johnny Davis of USCG, we discovered how they specifically create value for each business.

“We not only look at everything from a cost-savings perspective, but also from an efficiency standpoint. We will make a recommendation based on our expertise and tweak the program to work with them.” – Johnny Davis, USCG

To learn more about how they work with clubs, check out our blog post “Start Finding More Cash in Your… Trash?”


Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is the nation’s leading single-source supplier of gases, welding equipment, and more. With more than one million customers across industries, Airgas excels at providing customers, large and small, with gas solutions. VGM Club’s program with Airgas provides national account pricing on products for agronomy, clubhouse, and food and beverage operators.

But how does gas exactly fit into the club industry? Airgas also provides the necessary gasses for soda fountains, draft beer and wine dispensing, and much more!

“We have all the tools in the tool box: micro bulk, high pressure cylinders, nitrogen generators and the largest variety of safety and hard goods. With an extensive distribution network, we’re able to deliver what you need, when you need it.” – Joe Keller, Airgas

To learn more about how Airgas can help your club, check out our interview with Joe Keller, a Craft Applications Specialist at Airgas.


According to forbes.com, 45 of the top 50 most highly rated programs were live sports, and 19 of them came from the NFL. Your club can create an environment with DIRECTV that brings your members together to watch these sports at the clubhouse. DIRECTV’s exclusive program with VGM Club starts at a great price. VGM Club members also get NFL Sunday Ticket at a discounted cost as well. This DIRECTV Business Xtra Package saves clubs an average of 40% and offers 140 HD channels. Existing and new DIRECTV customers qualify.

To learn more about DIRECTV, visit their supplier page here.

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

SIB is a cost-reduction consulting firm with a proven track record of saving money for companies in a variety of industries. Through expert analysis, SIB will discover if clubs are overpaying on their monthly bills. SIB has a 98% success rate when it comes to finding savings for their clients. Once savings are found and implemented, SIB shares those savings with the client. Using SIB, VGM Club members have the opportunity to save on fixed expenses.

SIB has created a straightforward process for their clients to receive the lowest costs possible. We asked Dan Schneider, CEO of SIB, to explain the value they can bring to clubs.

“The process for our clients is also very simple, in that we just need one month of invoices for each category. From there, we work directly with their vendors to optimize service and pricing and present the savings to the client. If we don’t find savings, they don’t pay us a penny.” – Dan Schneider, SIB

To learn more about SIB, visit their supplier page here.


Worldpay is a global leader in payment processing technology and solutions for merchant customers. Worldpay operates a reliable and secure proprietary technology platform that enable clubs to accept a vast array of payment types across multiple channels. Worldpay offers VGM Club members national account pricing and national account support.

Worldpay has recently partnered with a new service called RingUp to help their businesses save time and money. RingUp allows businesses to accept chip cards from their mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Services like this are what make Worldpay a beneficial asset to your business. To learn more about this service or their company in general, check out their blog or visit their supplier page.

Start saving today! Learn more about our cost reducing partners by visiting their supplier pages at www.vgmclub.com or by calling VGM at 800-363-5480.