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March Madness is Approaching, Are You Ready?

Posted On: February 4, 2019 by ClubProcure in: Clubhouse

March Madness is Approaching, Are You Ready?

Sporting events consume the lives of millions throughout the year. This includes football, baseball, basketball, soccer and of course, golf. Not only do consumers want to watch these sporting events, but they want a gameday location that brings them back week after week.

Providing a quality gameday experience includes a long list of wants and needs that could make your clubs experience preffered over the next. VGM Club wants to make sure you have the basics. This allows you to focus your time and budget on everything outside of how view the game. 

Is the demand really there?

While football season may be wrapped up, it can be a huge selling point for clubs from the months of August through January, with other special events during the offseason such as the NFL Draft. The viewing numbers speak for themselves. In 2017, two major college football conferences in the Big Ten and the SEC pulled in over 13 million viewers each in their championship games. While 13 million may be an impressive number, the National championship between Alabama and Georgia brought in nearly 30 million viewers.

When it comes to the NFL the numbers are even more staggering. Nearly every NFL game posted over 10 million viewers in 2017, while Super Bowl 52 between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots posted a Whopping 104 million viewers. 

Football season has come to an end...What about the rest of the year?

While football alone can attract plenty of business, sports such as basketball, baseball, and golf can provide you with a long list of event ideas and gameday experiences you can utilize to gather membership year round. 

The NCAA basketball tournament is quickly approaching and you can utilize this March Madness for all of your sports fans at your club. In 2017 the NCAA tournament averaged 5.6 million viewers per game, and in 2018 the tournament as a whole posted nearly 160 million viewers. 

Where can VGM Club help?

Utilizing your VGM Club membership through DirecTV and Best Buy for Business can not only save you money, but time. Having reliable telivision services and hardware to broadcast on is the number one priority when providing an attractive gameday experience for your members.

Best Buy for Business

Our partnership with Best Buy provides access to over 150,000 products to members at a discounted rate. These products include HD TVs, laptops, tablets and more products you feel could benefit your club. Utilizing Best Buy for business can save you money and allow you to use it in other areas of your club. 

Registering for this program takes very little time! All you need to do is enter the registration code on their supplier pagethen your VGM Club member number. After that it asks you to make a password and enter some basic information, and you’re ready to go! Stocking your club with the latest technology and having a reliable supplier will save you time and money. 


So you have reliable HD TVs. DirecTV can put them to good use. As a VGM Club member you can save 40% on average in television services by switching to DirecTV through the National Satellite Center. The DirecTV Business Xtra Package with DirecTV offers 140 HD channels, which includes NFL Sunday Ticket for new customers, SEC and Big Ten Network, as well as the Golf Channel. 

Getting a quote for your club is as easy as providing us with your latest invoice from DirecTV, or your current television provider. Next, we will send you a side by side comparison that shows you how much you will save monthly, and yearly if you were to become a DirecTV customer through VGM Club and National Satellite. Want to learn more? Visit their supplier page for more information!

If you have any questions or want more information about either of these programs, get in contact with your VGM Club rep today!