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Navigating Early Order Season

Posted On: August 24, 2017 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy

Fall EOP

Summer is winding down, schools are starting, and superintendents are starting to prepare for the fall season. Although course traffic is beginning to slow down, superintendents invariably stay busy. On average, maintenance departments plan for over half their budget in the next three months.

This is a critical purchasing period for superintendents nationwide. VGM Club understands how important this season is for your success – it also reminds us to educate members on all the solutions our partners provide.

As noted in last year’s EOP blog post, the benefits of participating are clear: it alleviates price, risk, and uncertainty. With this year’s lineup, our partners are sure to provide what your course needs to save you time and money.

Fertilizers and Chemicals

Whether you are attempting to protect your grounds from a harsh winter, or looking to enhance your turf in an ever-warming climate, the VGM Fertilizer & Chemical program has solutions for you. The program allows your club to gain access to exclusive discounts and credit rebate opportunities.

The benefits of product credit are on top of distributor and agency EOP offerings to enhance your budget further! To learn more, reach out to your VGM Club rep, or visit the VGM Chemical & Fertilizer page at VGMClub.com

Fungicides, Herbicides, and Growth Regulators

Nufarm is one of the leading suppliers of plant protection products and a new participant in the VGM Club community. With many courses closing in the coming months due to cold weather, snow may also become a problem. When snow melts this spring, what is your club doing to protect your turf from snow mold?

Nufarm’s line of fungicide includes 3336and 3336EG, which are found within the VGM Club program. These products can help superintendent’s combat snow mold and get your course ready for play next spring. To learn more about Nufarm’s other turf defense products, contact your VGM Club rep, or visit Nufarm’s supplier page at VGMClub.com

Course Accessories

Standard Golf can help you replace old equipment such as flags, tee markers, and range pickers to keep your course looking new and updated. Event flags are also Standard Golf’s specialty and a great way for your club to promote sponsors at fundraising events or tournaments. To learn more about the value of an event flag, click here.

For more information about Standard Golf and how they can provide value for your course, contact your VGM Club rep, or visit the Standard Golf supplier page at VGMClub.com

Replacement Parts

Winter is an ideal time to repair your courses damaged equipment as business slows down and cooler air settles in. Stens Corp. offers nearly 7,000 different replacement parts through their online catalog, offering everything your course needs to repair equipment and replace parts.

Now is the time to prepare for next season by attaining replacement mower blades, air filters, and golf cart parts. It’s a win-win for your club’s superintendent, so check out Stens Corp’s supplier page at VGMClub.com, or their website at stens.com. And as always, contact your local VGM Club rep for details.

Miscellaneous Equipment


Our friends at SubAir provide the very best products and systems to help your course provide the very best fairways and greens. To learn more about SubAir and their TurfBreeze fans visit their aeration blog post to see the difference between the two, and the benefits of each.

You can also visit their supplier page at VGMClub.com, or contact your local VGM Club rep.


It can sometimes be a challenge to keep your course’s ponds looking nice and clean, but PondHawk offers a chemical-free solution. Save money with their solar powered abilities. Learn more about PondHawk’s natural and efficient process here.

For more information on the participating partners, visit VGMClub.com, or download the EOP Guide.