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VGM Club's New SKU 4 U

Posted On: July 17, 2017 by ClubProcure in: Food and Beverage VGM Club

New SKU 4 U

The VGM Club Food & Beverage Program gives your club access to specially priced items from well-known, industry leading national brands. VGM Club’s New SKU 4 U exists to help clubs find opportunities for deeper savings, larger rebates and better products across their food & beverage operation.

Benefits also include:

  • Lower pricing from allied distributors.
  • Quarterly cash back checks.
  • Over 450 brands from more than 70 manufacturers.
Check back for updates!

In the Kitchen:

Pasta adds profitability to your kitchen

Pasta is found on almost every club’s menu. Pasta is also a staple of many American’s diets. According to the BBC, this is because it is cheap, versatile and convenient. For many club chefs, it also offers a chance for higher margins.

Thanks to the VGM Club Food & Beverage Program, your club has access to specially priced pasta products from leading brands like Barilla. This specially priced food item adds more profitability to an already high margin offeringFind SKU ideas by clicking the bar code.

Hot sauce is exploding with popularity

According to Quartz, the hot sauce industry in America alone has grown by 150% since 2000. That is more than BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise combined!

No matter what the dish is, patrons are finding ways to include hot sauce. Whether you are incoroporating hot sauce in some of your club’s offerings, or you are offering a bottle at the table, it is important your club has hot sauce on hand.

The VGM Club Food & Beverage Program has access to specially priced hot sauces from many leading brands, most notably our friends at Cholula Hot Sauce. Find SKU ideas by clicking the bar code.

Brunch combines creativity with cost and waste reduction for club kitchens

From Club & Resort Business Magazine article, A Bunch for Brunch, “The size, scope and menu makeup of brunch buffets can vary, depending on the theme and the property. But they all have the ability to satisfy a large number of members – inclusive of all ages – while bringing in valuable revenue...

Beyond the menu, these feasts help to break up the monotony of lunch and dinner service while acting as a creative outlet for club and resort chefs to make the most of their inventory, helping to control food costs and waste.”

VGM Club’s New SKU 4 U brunch edition targets a few brunch staples found on every club’s menu. The VGM Club Food & Beverage Program has access to specially priced brunch items from leading brands, including our friends at Quaker Oats. Find SKU ideas by clicking the bar code.

Replenish your holiday banquet and buffet items

As the holidays approach, many clubs will be looking for unique ways to draw people into the clubhouse and increase revenue. The one component that is present around all holiday events is food, and lots of it. Families gather and consume food in large amounts, and there is no better way to get their fill than at an all-you-can-eat buffet. A holiday buffet could draw significant interest from groups and families around the holidays.

From The Atlantic, “The Economists Who Studied All You Can Eat Buffets” the buffet appeals to large groups and families. Families will have heavy eaters, but also light eaters that will not fully eat what they are paying for. Restaurants can save and earn a profit as the demand for wait staff can be diminished with a self-serve buffet style.

According to Restaurant Business, “The actual service period can be managed with fewer employees than an a la carte or plated banquet scenario. In addition, more guests can be catered in a given time period, enabling the operator to turn tables more frequently.”

A holiday buffet can not only attract customers this holiday season, but it also provides an efficient way in which you restaurant can operate.

Holiday buffett staples are rebate eligible through the VGM Club Food & Beverage Program. Find SKU ideas by clicking the bar code.

Add something new and exciting to your menu with Kronos

Clubs are always trying to think of new and creative ways to satisfy or exceed the expectations of their members. One place where creativity is always welcome is the menu. Whether it be a new main dish, poolside treat, or halfway house snack, the KronoBROIL Gyro revamps what your club has to offer.

The KronoBROIL gyro slices come pre-cut in a package so your club avoids the need of special equipment. This Greek delight offers a taste of the Mediterranean and captivates your members’ taste buds.

Kronos products are rebate eligible through the VGM Club Food & Beverage Program. Find SKU ideas by clicking the bar code.

Several portion options is key

From Sysco Foodie Magazine's article Serving the Made-For-Me Generation:

“Put an egg on it. Sauce on the side. Extra meat, hold the cheese. Gluten-free bun.” Fast-casual operations have popularized this thinking, but for full-service restaurant operators, this thinking can lead to “a free-for-all” says Neil Doherty, Senior Director of Culinary Development for Sysco. Food cost and food safety both go out the window when your staff relinquishes control of the ingredients.

This thinking also led one popular Club Chef, CEC Penelope Wong, to become a “No-Chef”. While she does not turn down EVERY special request, Chef Penelope is focused on what is best for the operation and membership as a whole – not on what is best for a single member on any given night. Read the whole Club & Resort Business article here.

Finding a happy medium is paramount for chefs in this industry. One potential solution is to offer several portion options. Our New SKU 4 U, Dianne’s Fine Desserts, has played with this concept to deliver great results. Find SKU ideas by clicking the bar code.

In the Bar:

Creativity leads to increased profits behind the bar

From Club & Resort Business Magazine article Pouring It On, “Beverages sometimes take a backseat to food at clubs and resorts. But thoughtfully curated and promoted offerings of both spirited and spirit-free libations can reap high profit margins, while enhancing member and guest interest and loyalty.”

Accomplish this by creating a signature drink at your course. From the same C&RB article -

“Seasonal potables can often attract a special following and provide new reasons to make a club or resort property the cocktail lounge of choice. Popular new concoctions at the Hyperion Field Club, Assistant General Manager Evan Summa reports, have included last winter’s whiskey-based Hottie Toddies and various riffs on martinis such as the Snowflake, made with vanilla vodka.

And as the summer heat rises, sales of Hyperion Lemonade, made with Absolut Cilantro, club soda, a splash of lemonade and a lemon slice, start to sizzle. “We sold a ton of those at the pool this year,” says Summa, who notes that frozen drinks, in fruit and other fun flavors, also make a splash at the pool.”

How do you want to express your club’s uniqueness with a drink? Is it using mojito mix? What about pineapple or cranberry juice? All are rebate eligible through the VGM Club Food & Beverage Program. Find SKU ideas by clicking the bar code.

On the Beverage Cart:

Beverage carts are mobile profit centers

From the Golf Course Industry article The Goose that Lays Golden Eggs “On average golfers spend $10.80 per round at the beverage cart... An inventory tailored to customer needs or wishes which changes with time of day, weather, and events is critical.”

The beverage cart is a central amenity for many facilities. With the VGM Club Food & Beverage Program, your beverage cart can be stocked with popular industry brands at special pricing. Find SKU ideas by clicking the bar code.

Miss Vickie’s adds profitability to your beverage cart

Last December, VGM Club members bought almost 10,000 cases of chips. For the rest of 2017, enjoy an extra rebate on the popular Miss Vickie’s Kettle Cooked Chips and add more profitability to your club.

With the VGM Club Food & Beverage Program, your club can be stocked with Miss Vickie’s at special pricing. Find their SKU numbers by clicking the bar code.

Check back monthly to find more “New SKU 4 U” options to begin purchasing for your club!