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Pete's Thoughts on the 2017 AGM Survey

Posted On: September 27, 2017 by ClubProcure in: Pro Shop VGM Club

Pete's thoughts on the 2017 AGM Survey

The Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) published their annual survey last month. After reading through it, I learned there has never been a better opportunity for the on-course facility to capture additional sales and grab more of our industry's valuable retail market share! A lot of this is due to the contraction of off-course and sporting goods stores. What does that mean? Suppliers are increasing their focus towards on-course pro shops.

How do we plan to use this survey and information to shape our portfolio of supplier partners aimed to help pro shop merchandisers across the country?

VGM Club has been working diligently to find solutions for everything a pro shop merchandiser would offer. VGM Club now boasts solutions for 85% of all golf sales. This will continue to increase as we inch closer to 2018. Below are some highlights:

Not only do we have these products to sell in your shop, but we also have other programs that help make your operation run smoothly. This includes programs for tees and displays from places like H2 Golf and Barr Display, scorecards from Golf Scorecard Inc. and golf carts from Club Car! 

What does this mean?

We are constantly evolving our offerings. Just as I said before the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, this would be a focus for VGM Club. We are starting to see those changes take hold. As we continue to build our pro shop offerings, we will also continue to listen to merchandisers like yourself. This ensures we offer the programs your club needs to capture additional sales and grab more of our industry's valuable retail market share!

Those are my thoughts for now!

- Pete Kinney, Director of Business Development, Pro Shop