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Spring Cleaning Solutions From VGM Club

Posted On: March 1, 2018 by ClubProcure in: Clubhouse

Spring Cleaning Solutions From VGM Club

Keeping your facility clean goes beyond wiping windows and washing tables. Take a moment to look at just a few opportunities VGM Club has to offer your club to get your club prepared for spring and beyond.

Cintas Facility Services

Spring cleaning is a terrific time to get your club ready for the season, but everyone knows this isn’t the only time cleaning is needed. Cintas offers mat & mop cleaning services and restroom cleaning services. This program allows you to boost your productivity and brand image, and as a VGM Club member you receive discounted pricing as well.

Cintas is also an industry leader when it comes to logo mats, restroom supplies, and facility safety. As your club ramps up for the heat of the golf season, make sure your facility is up to date and well-supplied to meet the expectations of your members.

Interested in what Cintas has to offer? Visit their supplier page for more information.


Often an overlooked aspect of any clubhouse, your club’s supply and quality of linen can ultimately help the ambience or atmosphere your club desires. Everything from napkins and tablecloths to staff uniforms help create this ambience, and Alsco provides all of these materials. VGM members receive national account pricing, various discounts, and free delivery on linen rentals.

To learn more, visit their page on our website.

Ecolab Pest Elimination

We don’t like to think about it, but pests can invade even the nicest facilities. With that being said, what is your club doing to defend against these pests? Ecolab Pest Elimination is the best in the business in terms of preventing pest invasions and VGM members get to try it for free! Your spring cleaning period is the perfect opportunity to give it a try, as new sign-ups receive a one month free trial.

Visit Ecolab’s Pest Elimination page on our site for contact information and program details.

Smart Care Equipment Solutions

Spring cleaning for a club is not limited to the simple dusting of tables or mopping of floors. It also includes the kitchen and its appliances. Smart Care Equipment Solutions offers parts and repair services for nearly everything in the kitchen including: fryers, ovens, grills, ice machines, freezers, and much more! VGM Club members receive discounted labor rates and direct part orders.

If you’re looking to upgrade, fix, or maintain your kitchen’s equipment this spring cleaning season, make sure you check out Smart Care Equipment’s page on our site to find more information.

Learn more about all of VGM Club’s solutions by visiting www.vgmclub.com or calling 800-363-5480.