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Start Finding More Cash in Your... Trash?

Posted On: July 19, 2016 by ClubProcure in: Club Grub - Podcast Clubhouse VGM Club

Start Finding More Cash in Your... Trash?

Johnny Davis of the United States Consulting Group (USCG) stopped by our headquarters in June and hopped on our Club Cents podcast to share how the USCG is saving VGM members money. We transposed his answers below. To listen to the episode in its entirety, scroll to the bottom and press play on the embedded media player.

USCG is a leading waste and recycling program with over 40,000 clients. They use that buying power to save their customers (currently in a contract or not) an average of 44 percent on their waste and recycling bill. Click play on the video below to learn more.

Cam Schultz: Give us a broad over view of what USCG can do for a client?

Johnny: We look at 3 major areas where savings are going to be procured from a pricing standpoint.

  1. That includes cost savings and rates, along with terms and conditions that we can negotiate with the providers.
  2. Secondly, we look at everything from an operational standpoint, how is this program working? Can we make it more efficient? That is one of the reasons we visit. Once there, We perform waste stream and facility audits onsite.
  3. Thirdly, we focus on administrative costs. We provide the ongoing billing, customer service dispatch management and make the ongoing process much simpler as well.

Cam: What is something that people may not realize about the agreement that they are in with the local or national service provider when it comes to waste?

Johnny: Well, there are some additional fees they may see on their invoices and they kind of get slipped in there. I've seen all sorts of things. The base rate may look pretty good, but then you look at the annual increases on year two and three in the contract the CPI rates go up, fuel and environmental fees go up. We use our aggregate pricing and logistical bidding to decrease those fees.

Cam: Walk us through how you work with the facility managers and make it fit into their plan?

Johnny: This is very important to us. We have clients with much more complex waste needs. So, in some cases it's imperative. For instance, if we go to a manufacturer, and they are looking for 5, 6 or 10 different waste-streams, it's imperative that the programs run efficiently and do not affect the operational footprint. That is why we feel it is important to reach out, speak with, and interview the maintenance team and operations directors. We want to make sure they have a level of comfort with what we are doing.

We not only look at everything from a cost-savings perspective, but also from an efficiency standpoint. We will make a recommendation based on our expertise and tweak the program to work with them. The program is not going to affect the operational footprint and it is not going to bring more work load on them or their employees. The program will flow and work well at a customized level within their specific facility. For more information on how your facility can start renegotiating contracts and saving more money with USCG, visit their supplier page on VGMClub.com, or contact your VGM Club rep.