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State of the Industry

Posted On: February 15, 2016 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy Clubhouse

The annual Golf Course Industry (GCI) Magazine State of the Industry Report is out for 2016. The GCI State of the Industry Report is a leading survey within the golf industry. Golf Course Industry Magazine is a proven resource for superintendents across the nation. For GCI's 2016 report they sampled 2,488 GCI recipients classified as superintendents. 267 superintendents responded. The respondents were asked a variety of questions, including questions about their budget in 2016. Here's what stood out to us:

"52 percent of superintendents polled will see a larger budget than in 2015. Only 16 percent have to decrease their budget." – GCI State of the Industry Report

Whether you are experiencing heightened or lowered budgets this season, VGM Club is here. To the 52 percent seeing budget increases, wouldn't it be nice to see those extra dollars go further? And to the 16 percent trimming some of your budget, every penny counts. Login to your myVGMClub dashboard and take note of what you are or aren't using. This is one of the many purposes your myVGMClub dashboard is there for. Is there more opportunity for your club? Is it time you revisited your facility's purchasing habits?

Did you know? Of the respondents to the GCI 2016 survey: "The average club will spend $5,060.00 on course accessories in 2016" – GCI State of the Industry Report 

Through March, Standard Golf and VGM Club offer an early order program on golf course accessories. These increased savings can extend those extra dollars further than you ever thought. If you are shrinking your budget, but still need some odds and ends items, take advantage of these discounts as well. The over 400 clubs ordering Standard Golf from us are saving an average of $460.00 a year! Keep in mind, Standard Golf is an authorized VGM Loyalty Level partner. This means the more you use the program, the bigger reward back to your facility. Interested in ordering your course accessories from Standard Golf? Click here for more information.

"The average club will spend $3,220.00 on shop tools in 2016" – GCI State of the Industry Report  

Lowes for Pros is offering an increased discount to VGM Club members through the month of February. Not only is Lowes offering an increased discount, but along with Standard Golf, Lowes is another authorized VGM Club loyalty level partner. These discounts can help your facility save on the shop tools you will be purchasing in 2016. Lowes carries industry leading brands; including Dewalt, Hitachi, and Irwin. On average, our members save $370.00 per year with their Lowes for Pros discount! Interested in ordering your shop tools from Lowes for Pros? Click here for more information.

"The average club will spend 36 percent more in mowing and cultivating equipment in 2016 than in 2015" – GCI State of the Industry Report

This is the largest budgetary rise within the report. Clubs, on average, will spend $42,800.00 in 2016, compared to $31,300.00 in 2015. Did you know VGM Club and John Deere offer an exclusive rebate opportunity? Last year alone we were able to help over 200 facilities take advantage of this program with John Deere. Interested in purchasing or leasing your mowing and cultivating equipment from John Deere? Click here for more information.

"VGM Club's members save, on average, almost $2,000.00 on course accessories, shop tools, and capital equipment combined when purchasing from Standard Golf, Lowes, and John Deere." – VGM Club

Whether your budgets are being increased, or decreased, VGM Club and our long list of industry- leading suppliers can offer your maintenance department the options you need to stretch those dollars further.

For more information on Lowes, Standard Golf, and John Deere, visit VGMClub.com or contact your VGM Club Rep.