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The Importance of Pest Control for Your Clubhouse Operations

Posted On: September 23, 2019 by ClubProcure in: Clubhouse Food and Beverage Golf VGM Club

Proper pest management is imperative for your reputation, your facility, and — most importantly — your guests.
Pests come in many forms, from flies to ants, birds to rodents. It’s extremely important for your facility to have a complete grasp on its pest management program to provide a superior experience for your
members and guests.
All it takes is a single pest to tarnish the reputation you worked so hard for. Our friends at Ecolab are here to help to protect you from the many types of pests that can diminish the experience for your guests and jeopardize your brand.
Insects, rodents, and more can even pose a risk to your food safety day-to-day by carrying bacteria and landing directly on or around the food of your guests. Keeping both indoor and outdoor dining and prep areas free of pests will help you to prevent contamination from occurring.
In addition to posing a risk to your food safety, pests can have other impacts including:
● Leaving visible filth
● Customer complaints
● Damage to brand reputation
● Audit score deduction
● Negative reviews on social media

Put a plan in place.

Ecolab offers many different options for preventing and removing occasional or seasonal pests from your facility and grounds.


These pesky bugs have the potential to bite, sting, and contaminate food. The ant queen is responsible for laying eggs and producing more ants to grow the population of the colony. In order to eliminate the colony, the queen must be exterminated. Targeted bait applications work well to treat an ant infestation and prevent them from returning.


Birds can create damage to your property through their droppings and nests. In order to keep your facility looking clean and maintain sanitary conditions, Ecolab provides long-term measures to keep the birds away. Netting blocks open areas, while rods and posts prevent birds from roosting.

Large Flies

Large flies are not only annoying, but they are known to harbor more than 100 pathogens on their body. A fly has six million bacteria on its body. Flies have the potential to transmit diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, diphtheria, dysentery, E. Coli, and Salmonella just by landing on food. Ecolab offers many different options to keep the flies at bay. With leading-edge technology, and on-going service, the presence of large flies is sure to be reduced.


These seasonal pests can create serious discomfort and spread diseases among your guests. It’s extremely important to have a plan in place to reduce the risk of bites and the rate of mosquito reproduction in your area. Ecolab’s three-step mosquito program has helped to reduce mosquito pressure by up to 89%.


Mice and rats are the last thing you want seen on your clubhouse grounds. They give the appearance of unsanitary conditions and can repulse your guests. In order to prevent turning away guests, negative inspection evaluations, and a shut down of your business, you need to protect your facility from these invaders. Keep your rodent trapping and baiting discreet to prevent alarming your customers.
Working with your VGM Club and Ecolab representative to keep your pest problems out of sight and out of mind. Implement a pest control program today in order to be protected year round and keep your reputation gleaming.
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