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Think Outside the Box: Event Flags Add Value

Posted On: July 8, 2016 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy Pro Shop VGM Club

Think Outside the Box: Event Flags Add Value

Securing a fundraising event each year gets competitive. Any chance your club has to create value is a step that must be taken. What if we told you Standard Golf has a solution?

Standard Golf has full-coverage customize-able dye-sublimated flags that are perfect for your next fundraising event, member-guest tournament and so much more! Orders are made in sets of 9, but each flag can be customized. It's time to think outside the box, how can these flags be an opportunity for added value?

Event Flags: Using Event Sponsors

Large events, especially fundraising events inevitably include sponsors. Hole sponsor signs on each tee box are a tried and true method for such events. Why not add a customized flag on the hole as well?

For example: VGM Club is having a membership appreciation outing and one of the holes is sponsored by Standard Golf. Why not add the price of the flag to the cost of sponsorship? The event logo front and center with the sponsor's logo in the corner. These can be given to the sponsor, or they can be reused the following year.

Event Flags: Selling via Auction

Similar to the idea above, the customizable flag could be resold via auction to tournament participants to raise money. Having a memorial tournament? Send golfers home with a keepsake, and send the proceeds to the association, charity, etc.

Don't let the "event flag" description spell bad quality either. These high-grade flags are found at many PGA events, including the PGA Championship this year at Hazeltine National Golf Club. Also, unlike screen-print flags, dye-sublimated flags don't fade or crack over time!

The process is simple once you receive the images. The whole process generally takes 3-4 weeks, so it is important to think ahead.

For more information on how Standard Golf can add value and help your club secure more events, visit their supplier page on VGMClub.com or contact our dedicated Standard Golf ordering team at 855-490-7704.