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VGM Club's GCSAA Certified Education Event

Posted On: October 25, 2018 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy VGM Club

VGM Club's GCSAA Education Event

This past week VGM Club was able to gather VGM Club members, speakers and partners together for a full day of GCSAA certified education and demonstration.

“It was exciting to bring together experts from different disciplines to provide the audience with a high level of education. It was our goal to bundle several educational credits for superintendents and bring it to them. With the support of the GCSAA we made that happen.” – Cam Schultz, Session leader and VP of Marketing.

On Tuesday October 9 we brought together people from around Texas to learn from experts on communication, pond managament, and turfgrass maintenance. Included in this lineup: Sandra Burton (Pondhawk), Anthony Williams (TPC Network), Aaron Johnsen (Winfield) and Cam Schultz (VGM Club).

“Moving forward, we feel this is a unique experience that we will continue to explore. This was our first crack at GCSAA certified education, and we think our community is well positioned to come together and offer insights from a variety of different perspectives in the future.” – Mike Woltz, Director of Business Development – Agronomy.

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