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What You Need to Know About BINPAK - An Interview

Posted On: August 7, 2019 by ClubProcure in: Clubhouse Golf VGM Club

What You Need to Know About BINPAK - An Interview

US Consulting Group (USCG) is a national waste and recycling management company, and a top partner of ours for several years now. What makes them a top partner? Not only do they offer substantial cost savings to clients at no capital expense, they’re redefining what a well-developed, strategic waste plan should be. And the BINPAK®, one of their newest product offerings for the club industry, embodies this perfectly.

The BINPAK is a six-yard waste container with built-in compaction using patented technology, and it’s designed to fix all your trash removal troubles. Since the product launched, we’ve been hearing a lot of great things about it. But we wanted to learn more. We reached out to USCG’s VGM Rep, Johnny Davis, along with a long-time VGM Club member and BINPAK enthusiast, Monty Becton of Desert Highlands in Phoenix, to get their thoughts on what makes BINPAK so special.

What issues do clubs, specifically Desert Highlands, have with their sanitation/ trash removal?

Johnny: If clubs experience higher volume, waste dumpsters may overflow. The BINPAK eliminates this problem. This is especially true during summer months. Clubs may experience smell issues. The BINPAK is self-contained so it eliminates smell.

Monty: Trash removal is something that my team hadn’t looked at for a long time until Johnny came to me. When he presented the savings that the BINPAK would provide us with, we had to go with it. The BINPAK provides a cleaner operation for waste, and it is easy for employees to operate. It is also conceals smell and has a nicer aesthetic.

BinPak Placement Desert Highland GC








BinPak Placement Desert Highland GC







What was the process like?

Johnny: I contacted Monty and asked if he was interested and if he wanted us to come do a site audit and share the different specifics of the BINPAK. We include this audit and customized strategy for each club. Each facility has its own set of requirements/restrictions, so it is important to provide customized strategies. We then installed the BINPAK. The club staff immediately realized the efficiency and ease of implementation.

Monty: Johnny had been working with my brother Jerod at Lubbock Country Club in Texas (also a VGM Club member). My brother told him about my club and contacted me to see if I was interested in improving our trash removal. I then sent him different information about our site and club. USCG did a site audit and gave us an estimate on the money we would save. They then came to install it. It was a smooth process and my staff found it very easy to operate.







How does the BINPAK impact clubs financially?

Johnny: There is no cost to clubs for switching to the BINPAK. We amortize their costs with the savings the product will create. Most of the savings are based on the fewer trips a truck will have to take to the club for trash removal. A lot of people confuse us as just a consulting company, but the process we use shows that we are also a management company.

Monty: The main savings come from the lower number of trips a truck will have to take for trash removal. One big thing was that there was no cost for us to switch to the BINPAK. After the site audit Johnny gave us an estimate of $6,000 in net savings. $6,000 in savings, an improved product and someone to go to for product maintenance was a no brainer.

What about environmentally?

Johnny: Going green is something a lot of clubs are looking to do nowadays, and this is a great step toward those efforts. One of BINPAK’s main selling points is its positive economical and environmental impact it provides. From less truck trips to cleaning up the trash removal area, it has a positive impact on the environment.

Monty: The BINPAK helps us in our efforts of keeping our club clean and sanitary. And, the lower traffic around our club pleases our members.

Are there any drawbacks to the BINPAK?

Johnny: We have not run into this yet. The main reason is because USCG only recommends the BINPAK based on a comprehensive audit of current spend, space, facility specifics and local laws.

Monty: None.

Last question, what do you enjoy about working with VGM Club?

Johnny: USCG enjoys working with VGM Club because of their professionalism and strong relationships with their members.

Monty: I enjoy working with VGM Club because of all the reliable resources they provide when purchasing.

Our take

Monty and Desert Highlands Golf Club show what can happen when you take full advantage of the benefits BINPAK has to offer. Between the financial savings, environmental impact, and positive guest experience, it’s a solution you can’t afford to ignore.

To see if BINPAK is right for you, reach out to VGM Club for your complete site audit and estimate.