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Where Does VGM Club Fit Inside Your Mechanic's Toolbox?

Posted On: August 3, 2018 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy VGM Club

Where Does VGM Club Fit Inside Your Mechanic's Tool Box?

“As an Equipment Manager, our job is to supply the Superintendent with the properly working equipment to help achieve the best turf conditions possible. That all starts with the relationship between the Super and the EM... We have an understanding, I can make his job easier and he can make mine easier as well.” – Ben Beard, Equipment Manager at Walnut Creek Country Club in the latest MiGCSA Magazine.

VGM Club has focused a lot on mechanics lately. We have been gathering information and understanding their place in the club. How can we better service them? What are their challenges? This is all part of an effort to continue to build out our services and make VGM Club the one stop shop for every solution.

Like Ben Beard, and Superintendent Scott Rettmann, we need to build that relationship with the Mechanics as well. We are working on it.

We took some time to chat with Ben Beard, the Equipment Manager at Walnut Creek Country Club in South Lyon, Michigan about how he utilizes our services.

From a perspective of a mechanic in regards to a VGM Club Membership, what are ways that our company could better serve mechanics in the golf industry?

Ben: Honestly, I’m pretty big on using VGM. I take full advantage of our membership now, and I was pretty naïve to it before. Back when I was in Orlando for a GCSA event I went to a VGM Club booth and saw everything offered and where I was missing out. I brought back that knowledge and was able to save a lot of money. Especially through Lowe’s for Pros and John Deere. These programs are something many Superintendents might not know about because they have so much going on.

When it comes to the leasing packages, I’m the one that goes through them and I make sure to be thorough. When I grew up my parents gave me the mentality “where can you save a buck?” So going into purchases I look at where I can save money without skimping on quality. 

The biggest thing is that many people don’t know everything these vendors offer. For instance with Cintas, many clubs would say “oh I already have my guys in uniforms.” But, they don’t know that you can get things such as safety equipment, cleaning supplies and much more. 

Long story short, I think just having educational opportunities to get your foot in the door with clubs is the first step. We have saved a lot of money with VGM Club the last couple years, so I think simply letting clubs know how they can benefit would get a lot of buy in.

Curious what VGM Club has to offer to Mechanics at a club? Read about them below:

John Deere: Everyday John Deere works to uphold their core values. Integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation are the values they live and breathe. As VGM Club member you can receive a 2% benefit on all new John Deere equipment.

Lowe's for Pros: Lowe’s can provide you convenient tools, services and pricing you need to manage your business. Our program with Lowes does nothing but save you money. VGM Club members receive a minimum 5% discount at the register, as well as a 2% systematic prox prompt payment discount.

Stens Corp: As a leader in aftermarket replacement parts, Stens provides parts to outdoor power equipment, industrial/rental, hardwhere, turf managment, golf course, and agricultural equiment markets. With a VGM Club membership you can qualify for Bronze level pricing, and if you choose to also use a Stens Credit Card you will also receive free freight and Gold level pricing for all of your online orders over $150.

Cintas Clean Shop/First Aid: Boost profits, productivity and brand image with Cintas commercial cleaning and first aid services. Improve the comfort and well-being of your customers and employees. VGM Club members receive discounted pricing on various things, including restroom and mat and mop services. Members also receive national account pricing on AED’s and other first aid products.

Interstate Batteries: At Interstate, they are driven by their unique combination of proven experience, integrity and heart – determined to meet the needs of everyone they serve. With a VGM Club membership you can choose from two special programs with Interstate Batteries. The first option is the Will Call/Delivery program, and the second option is the Consignment program.

To learn more about how to get started with these programs, visit www.vgmclub.com or call 800-363-5480.