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Why the VGM Club + John Deere Golf Partnership Works

Posted On: January 2, 2018 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy

Why the VGM Club + John Deere Golf Partnership Works

In a VGM Club survey sent out in December 2017, 53% of the respondents had new equipment listed in their budget for 2018. What does this tell us? Our commitment to working hand in hand with John Deere Golf must continue to grow.

This goes beyond offering value when superintendents purchase equipment. John Deere Golf helps young industry professionals a launching pad to begin their career at the Green Start Academy.

“The Green Start Academy helps assistant superintendents build strong foundations for their careers. This 3-day event focuses on the opportunity to network with industry veterans and attend developmental sessions. Key topics include budgeting and labor management among others. Many past attendees have pinpointed the Green Start Academy as the launching pad for their career.”

With the help of John Deere Golf, we try to offer education to young professionals as well. One example is the OTF Assistant Superintendent Scholarships we hand out each year.

"We continue to partner with the OTF because we not only want to see individuals better themselves but also because we believe in investing in this industry." said Keaton Juergens, VGM Club's Director of Member Development for the Ohio territory.  "This is a way to reward those pursuing careers in the turf industry."

Part of the reason this relationship works is each organization understands the other’s strength. At VGM Club, we help interested parties get in contact with the local John Deere rep to get the process started. Just as often, local John Deere Reps help superintendents understand that not only can we help with their equipment purchase, but also every other purchase they should need.

“John Deere Golf and our dealer channel work with VGM Club to simplify the purchase of equipment by allowing members to use the VGM Club process they know and are familiar with” – Ren Wilkes, John Deere Golf’s Tactical Marketing Manager. Ren went on to say, “John Deere and its dealers is known for excellent equipment and world-class service and support. VGM members receive this day in and day out. We know the service from VGM Club is outstanding and we make sure their experience is seamless.”

In 2018, we hope to continue to build our relationship so superintendents continue to reap more benefits than just the 2% on all core John Deere Golf equipment including; events, education and purchasing power to make your maintenance department successful.

To learn more about the John Deere Golf program with VGM Club, contact VGM Club at 800-363-5480 or visit www.vgmclub.com.