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    Our Agronomy Advisory Board Mailbag: Quarter Three edition is brought to you by Nufarm. We are approaching the most important purchasing season of the year for Superintendents. Some of our members are almost hot off the heels of another grueling summer. Superintendents like Rick Tegtmeier and his team busted their butts all summer to overcome challenges, and now they have to quickly recalibrate for next season. Simply put, its a tough turnaround. It has been a very difficult growing

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    Early order programs alleviate price, risk and uncertainty concerns for superintendents across the country According to a Golfdom report in 2015, 80 percent of their readers participated in an early order program. Why does it make sense for a superintendent to participate in an early order program (EOP)? What are the benefits of using a VGM Club preferred fertilizer and chemical supplier when ordering early? It goes beyond the stack-able product credits, but they are worth mentioning. Our committed

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