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    In our Pro Shop Newsletter, we asked what VGM Club could do to help you and your club put on great tournaments this golf season. We found that respondents were most interested in learning about the best practices used within our community. At VGM Club, we strive to not only offer solutions and savings, but also a community where members come together for thought leadership and innovative business practices. To deliver on our question of the month, we bring you one of the true all-stars in the golf

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    Golf carts are an important component to any golf club and golfers expect to have quality carts available to them. There are many different brands, designs, and styles available to choose from, and this seemingly endless stream of choice exasperates an already difficult and pricey decision. With Club Car, the process is made simple. To better illustrate this process, we interviewed COO and General Manager, Mike Gardner of The Bridgewater Club to learn more about his recent switch to

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    The Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) published their annual survey last month. After reading through it, I learned there has never been a better opportunity for the on-course facility to capture additional sales and grab more of our industry's valuable retail market share! A lot of this is due to the contraction of off-course and sporting goods stores. What does that mean? Suppliers are increasing their focus towards on-course pro shops. How do we plan to use this survey and information

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