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ClubProcure members receive national account pricing

Our Partnership with Heartland

ClubProcure is teamed up with Heartland Payment Systems®, one of the nation’s largest payments processors, to provide its membership with access to a full suite of business solutions.

This includes: 

  • Convenient, secure payment processing
  • Painless payroll and HR
  • Quick, hassle free lending programs
  • Valuable customer engagement tools
  • Helpful analytics

Because Heartland has been supporting businesses for over 20 years, we have chosen them to help you take your business to the next level. 



Heartland Capital

ClubProcure members receive national account pricing

Heartland Capital is America’s leading small business lending marketplace. 

  • A simple online application 
  • 75+ lending partners compete to bring you the best loan options
  • Fast funding within 24 – 48 hours
  • No hard pull on your credit
  • Free to see your best options
  • Access to capital without using Heartland Payment Processing

Invest in new equipment, cover payroll and hire new employees, purchase inventory and more with

Heartland Capital! 

Heartland Payment

ClubProcure members receive national account pricing

At Heartland we process over 11 million transactions a day with industry leading security and transparency. 

  • Three Year Wholesale Rate Lock
    • No junk fees, not rate creep
  • Live USA Based Customer Service
    • No phone trees
    • Answer times in 10 seconds or 6 rings on average 
  • Direct Payment Processor to the Card Brands
    • Eliminate the middleman with us
  • Heartland Secure
    • The industries only comprehensive breach warranty 

Reach out to Jason Bahnson today to learn about what Heartland can do for your club today! 

Heartland Payroll & HR

ClubProcure members receive national account pricing

All the tools you need to manage the life cycle of your employees – Discipline, Reviews, Documentation, Track Education and Certifications and Company Assets. 

  • Single point of contact – We provide an individual who will be your payroll dept. They know you and your business; and answer the phone. Old fashioned customer service. 
  • Simplify applicant tracking and recruiting in one single platform
  • Help to identify WOTC – Work Opportunity Tax Credits – average credit is $4,000
  • Simplify the background check process
  • A simple pricing model
  • A complete HR platform to assist you with HR questions, forms, topics & webinars 
  • Up to date employee handbook and a law libray custom to your state

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