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ClubProcure members receive dealer pricing

ClubProcure members have the advantage of TWO programs to choose from, with Interstate Battery. 

Option One: Will Call/Delivery Program

  • Free delivery to customer on an as needed basis or choose to pick up on your own at any one of our distributor locations.
  • No cost for battery removal & recycling  of battery.
  • Nationwide warranty

Option Two: Consignment Program

  • There is no minimum required number of stocked batteries on consignment program.
  • Scheduled route service (weekly or every two weeks, depending on volume)
  • Beginning inventory is on consignment, no charge, members will only pay as they are used
  • Complete stock maintenance by the Interstate representative, they do all the work and take care of the batteries
  • Hot shot delivery service when odd size product or depleted product is needed so there is no downtime, just call the local warehouse and they will deliver
  • Stock/inventory rotation every 90 days so product on the premises stays fresh and does not get old or expire
  • Junk batteries are removed each time your Interstate rep comes by and are recycled properly, no EPA issues, with full indemnification
  • Premium high quality batteries with a full nationwide warranty 

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