Members who purchase select Nufarm products receive a cash rebate

Nufarm is a leading supplier of plant protection products for the professional turf and ornamental markets. Offering a diversified product portfolio that includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators that can be used in a variety of markets nationwide, Nufarm also devotes substantial resources to innovation and the development of superior solutions to their customers.

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Product Spotlight: Anuew™ Plant Growth Regulator

Trial results keep rolling in! Anuew™ is more active and longer lasting on cool-season grasses than other late-stage inhibitors. In fact, superintendents can achieve more regulation activity at much lower doses on cool-season turf. Anuew also more evenly regulates Poa in mixed stands. And because Anuew is a late-stage inhibitor, it shifts carbohydrates to significantly improve turfgrass quality, density and appearance. Anuew is a proven PGR breakthrough, saving superintendents time with less mowing and fewer clippings while improving the overall playability of greens, tees and fairways.

Program Benefits

ClubProcure offers an annual* cash payout on the following ten products. Benefits available on purchases made between Jan 1 – Sept (outside Nufarm’s early order program). 

ClubProcure members can buy these products from any authorized distributor, including ClubProcure Fertilizer & Chemical partners:

  • Nutrien Solutions
  • D & K Products
  • Howard Fertilizer & Chemical
  • Target Specialty Products
  • Simplot
  • SiteOne

*Payouts will be made in October.

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