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ClubProcure members receive 5% discount on a system tailored to your course

Lightning Prediction Systems and Warning Systems

Thor Guard Weather

Internet Weather Subscription Service:

Annual weather subscription services are now available at the unheard-of cost of $250 per year for five individual subscriptions! Better yet, for the ClubProcure discounted rate of $237, your facility can have five separate weather subscriptions.

On-site special event Thor Guard meteorological/forecast services are also available.

Thor Guard Offering

Thor Guard is pleased to introduce the new TG 360 to the market. Five years in development and over eighty-four thousand hours of testing has resulted in the most advanced lightning prediction and severe weather warning system ever made. Please refer to the TH 360 specification document to learn about the capabilities this system provides. 

As a longtime partner of ClubProcure, Thor Guard is advancing a 5% discount off the price of the 360 and all Voice of Thor horn systems. 

Additional Voice of Thor systems for customers with older base prediction systems will continue to receive the 5% discount.

The single-site Thor Guardian system will also receive the 5% discount.

Program Benefits

  • ClubProcure members receive a 5% discount on all Thor Guard products and services.
  • Find a system that is tailored to your specific course and your specific needs.

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