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Minimum of 5% Discount off list price. Additional volume incentives may apply.

TK Promotions has access to over 1.2 million promo products and custom gift services. Our goal is to build a partnership and develop a personalized plan surrounding each club’s specific needs. TK Promotions specializes in taking the stress out of planning your next event merchandise, gifting opportunity, or in-house supplies. We aim to build a relationship with you and deliver high-quality, custom products.

Currently, we produce New Member Kits, Tournament Gifting, Corporate Gifting, Uniforms and Supplies with multiple clubs, including Waynesborough Country Club, Dallas National Golf Club, South Fork Country Club and all Dormie Network courses. We look forward to connecting with you and making you a brand hero!

Services We Offer:

  • Branded Soft Goods such as Apparel, Bags, & Headwear
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Premium Gifts
  • Fulfillment
  • Event & Tradeshow Merch
  • In-House Creative and Graphic Design Services
  • Branded Supplies

Check out our hand-picked promo items! HERE

100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee - we are committed to do the work to make it right.

Free set up (up to $75) Check out our website, HERE or contact Tim Wagner at TK Promotions to learn more!

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