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VGM Club is Now ClubProcure: What That Means For You

VGM Club is Now ClubProcure: What That Means For You

Posted On: November 11, 2019 by ClubProcure in:

VGM Club is Now ClubProcure: What That Means For You

We are excited to be launching our company’s new name, ClubProcure. The moniker change speaks for itself explaining precisely who we serve and how we are here to help. Our byline — a Foodbuy Company also highlights our connection to our new parent company, Compass Group U.S.A.’s Foodbuy division, North America’s largest foodservice and hospitality provider. This new relationship is very special to us. It solidifies ClubProcure as the leading group purchasing organization serving the private club and golf course industry.

So our brand looks fresher and the name sounds different, but what does this mean for you? Does your membership become more valuable in any way? It most certainly does.

Here are four ways just to name a few:

  1. The Foodbuy Factor. Foodbuy represents more than $24 billion in purchasing volume annually. This is more than 10 times the amount that we did solely as VGM Club. This empowers ClubProcure to offer even more competitive costs and operational insights thanks to Foodbuy’s position as the global procurement leader. Your club will see savings grow through more manufacturers and programs.


  1. Expansive opportunities. Speaking of additional programs, there are many to choose from. Regional and local contracts for produce, proteins, and dairy that can drastically reduce spend in your kitchen. In addition to groceries, the kitchen smallware and equipment categories have grown with new manufacturers and distributors joining the mix. This spills into the clubhouse with a much‐bolstered contract list for supplies and services contracts. Check out our complete list of new partners and programs.


  1. Agronomy advantages as always. With all this talk about food, a few people have asked where our agronomic department stood with all of this. The answer is our agronomy program is as strong as ever and growing even more. In fact, our phenomenal relationships with chemical, fertilizer, and other outdoor maintenance companies is something that we are sharing back with the Foodbuy family so that we can offer more value to clients in other industries such as hotels, casinos, and education.


  1. Same great team relentlessly working for you. Not only is the same, great ClubProcure team here ready to assist your team with their purchasing needs, but we now also have an army of expert teammates,such as Culinary Solutions and Custom Contracting, as well as leading technology — introducing OneSource, available to cater to our community of members like you.


Just as VGM Club became synonymous with savings and solutions since 1994, we look forward to ClubProcure continuing that and providing even more for your team in the future.



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