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    From Club Benchmarking's article Building Value or Cutting Costs: “In a culture of value creation, club leaders seek to continually add benefits of being a member. The focus is on things like innovative programming that considers every member type, diverse offerings within the club’s physical environment that go beyond the basics, a careful balance of exciting new events and longstanding traditions. In a culture of value creation, the emphasis is on growing and evolving the

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    The annual Golf Course Industry (GCI) Magazine State of the Industry Report is out for 2016. The GCI State of the Industry Report is a leading survey within the golf industry. Golf Course Industry Magazine is a proven resource for superintendents across the nation. For GCI's 2016 report they sampled 2,488 GCI recipients classified as superintendents. 267 superintendents responded. The respondents were asked a variety of questions, including questions about their budget in 2016. Here's what

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