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Bartesian simplifies cocktail service by offering bar quality cocktails at the touch of a button with no additional labor or ingredients required. ClubProcure members receive a FREE variety starter set of capsules, a FREE capsule storage drawer, and FREE custom menu creation with co-branding / member club logos.

Bartesian: Consistent, bar quality cocktails in seconds

Improves cocktail service by providing bar quality cocktails at the push of a button
Streamlines operations and adds ability to serve wide variety of complex cocktails


Cocktail is made of 3 components:

  1. Capsule (juice based, no gels, powders, etc.)
  1. Base spirit of your choosing (glass containers around the machine)
  1. Water (reservoir in back)

Four separate glass containers hold up to four spirit brands of choice at a time: Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Rum/Gin

The Bartesian machine pulls the desired amount of spirit and appropriate
amount of water through the machine, mixes with Bartesian capsules
(containing all natural juices) and perfectly pours into a shaker or glass
Click Bartesian - Stadium - YouTube to see Bartesian in action!

Result: Perfectly crafted cocktail served in under 30 seconds

Bartesian allows guests to enjoy the convenience of a RTD beverage with the taste of an upscale, premium cocktail
Click  Bartesian Introduction.pptx to learn more!

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