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Members can receive up to a 25% discount off initial set up and implementation costs.

CedarCreek Systems automates the procurement and payment process providing end-to-end visibility and control. Connect with every supplier from a single platform while controlling inventory and automating accounts payable. Go paperless and capture purchasing, approvals, inventory, and invoices which integrate to your back office accounting system.

AP 3-Way Match Automation

Members can receive up to a 25% discount off initial set up and implementation costs.

AP Automation cuts out many of the convoluted manual processes of AP and allows an invoice to be submitted electronically, captured by the buyer, routed electronically for approval (mobile), concluding with payment sent to the supplier via ACH/wire or virtual card without physically passing hands. No more paper, lengthy approval processes, or lost checks.

The core of CedarCreek’s AP Automation model is its proprietary Auto-Matching engine for enhanced security. When documents are uploaded to the system, the Purchase Order, Receiving Events, and the Invoice are compared to ensure the correct amount is paid to the correct, authorized supplier. The engine automates the matching process and can accommodate customized rules to configure the system to operate without human intervention (touchless invoicing) unless an exception is detected.

This optimizes AP processes by allowing normal payments to be securely automated while anomalies are identified for further review. For private clubs, this simplifies managing relationships with multiple vendors. The club can rest assure that payments are being processed correctly and on time. Automating AP with CedarCreek Systems means that 80% or more of invoices become touchless and cycle times are reduced by 25%.


Members can receive up to a 25% discount off initial set up and implementation costs.

eProcurement enables Chefs and managers access to real-time supplier catalogs and pricing to order efficiently and accurately. This allows managers to maintain relationships with a variety of vendors in a single “Live Marketplace,” including eCommerce, regional heavyweights and local purveyors. eProcurement enables total vendor connectivity, providing buyers purchasing history and business intelligence (BI) to better manage supplier relationships and procurement decisions.

This module streamlines the process of buying and eliminates errors in receiving and payables all while enhancing security and legal documentation. You are connected to your suppliers electronically and have complete transactional transparency with real-time budget visibility. eCommerce connectivity, live supplier catalogs, approvals, budgets, coding, reconciliation, request for quotes and transactional history are all contained and automated within eProcurement.


Inventory Control

Members can receive up to a 25% discount off initial set up and implementation costs.

CedarCreek’s Inventory Control is connected to every step in a club’s supply chain (eProcurement) which ensures accurate updates of on-hand quantities and values in real-time. This comprehensive view of all storeroom locations, stocking, and transfer activity enables managers full control of inventory levels, movement, and cost assignment.

Inventory Control allows for a la carte & banqueting activities to be tracked separately providing exact costs for specific areas and events in real-time, and that history in perpetuity.  

CedarCreek’s AccuBar technology provides mobile & hand held scanning functionality to receive, transfer products, and conduct month end very quickly and accurately.

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