ClubProcure members receive savings exceeding the everyday advertised discount of 5% - see below for details

The Lowe's Account Receivable program benefits your club more than any other card out there!

Program Benefits

  • At the store receive minimum of 5% discount at the register
  • 2% systematic prox prompt payment discount (Example: your total bill equals $1,000, with the ClubProcure program, you receive an additional 2% discount off that bill which would result in a final bill of $980)
  • $20 delivery fee within the delivery radius of the store (normally 20 – 25 miles)
  • Use this program for personal use too, follow the same steps below to set up a personal account and order online! 

Steps to create your ClubProcure/Lowe’s account:

Step 1: Complete the LAR application and send it our way after completing sections 1, 2, 4 & 5. Fax to: 866-723-9556

Step 2: Signing up for Lowe’s for Pros

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Register” in the top right side of the screen.
  3. Under “New to Lowe’s For Pros?” Check the box next to “Have a Pro Account ID?”.
  4. Enter Pro Account ID: 71DFE3CA62. Click "Register”.
  5. Click “Continue” to join the VGM Group.
  6. Enter your Email Address, Organization Name (Club Name), and State. Click “Continue” 
  7. Complete the profile section with your information, then save & continue. 
  8. Complete the profile section for your organization’s location (your club address). 
  9. Be sure to select you agree at the bottom of this page. 
  10. Once all is completed select “Complete Sign-Up”.
  11. You are ready to start purchasing! 

Step 3: Purchasing 

  • Receive a minimum of 5% savings on all in-store purchases


  • Use your LAR card to make purchases
  • The only additional discount that will be applied is the 2% when account has been paid

Step 4: Paying on the Credit Card

  • Visit your local store and pay the credit card bill at the Customer Service desk using your credit card. This will ensure you receive the benefits from our credit card program.

Step 5: Receiving the 2%

  • If the Lowe’s bill is paid on time there will be a 2% credit earned on the account used to purchase.

Additional Lowe’s Services for Commercial Customers 

- Gift cards
- Supply Racks
- Contractor Packs

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