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ClubProcure members will receive 10% off equipment sales.

Tee up your beverage program for success with PourMyBeer, the leading self-serve beverage dispensing technology provider. PourMyBeer introduces a revolutionary way for your golf course or country club to efficiently serve members draft beer, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic offerings. With any of PourMyBeer’s self-pour setups, your members can pour and pay for their own drinks by utilizing the scan-to-pour QR code functionality or RFID-enabled cards and FOBs. These secure payment options ensure every guest pays for what they pour, so your club can say goodbye to the days of “forgotten tabs” and over-pours.

PourMyBeer offers various liquid-agnostic beverage dispensing solutions that integrate with the major point-of-sale systems to fit your golf course or country club's needs. 

  • Customizable Built-In Wall - Capture the attention of your members with a traditional self-pour beverage wall customized for your club for a more integrated experience.
  • Self-Pour Station - Choose between a 4-tap, 6-tap, or 8-tap station. These semi-mobile, plug-and-play units require zero construction and fit into any space. These units come with castors, meaning you can move the station short distances around your club.
  • Tap Trailer - Bring the self-pour fun to any part of your club with our Tap Trailer and efficiently serve members outdoors during peak times! Easily put this fully mobile trailer on a hitch and travel long distances or use it throughout different areas of your facility, like tennis, paddle, or pickleball courts, and during events and banquets. With interchangeable advertising panels and 360 degrees of marketing, you can display promo reels, event information, brand-specific advertising, and more!

PourMyBeer's technology tracks every ounce poured through the system, eliminating theft, waste, and member disputes. With this valuable data, you will gain access to consumption patterns and member preferences. You can easily keep track of inventory levels and get alerts sent to your staff when products are low. 

With PourMyBeer, your golf course or country club will enhance the member experience, entice new members to join your club, and operate a successful, reliable beverage program 24/7/365 without taking on additional labor. Click this YouTube link to see an example at Seabrook Island.

As part of PourMyBeer's partnership with ClubProcure, all ClubProcure members will receive 10% off equipment sales. It’s a hole-in-one solution for your golf course or country club!

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