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    On this special double feature episode, we talk with Club + Resort Chef’s Joanna DeChellis about this year’s Chef2Chef Conference and also with McCain Foods Samantha Melson who share how her company is cooking up a perfect pairing for microbrews. Double the discussion and twice the popular “3-course Questions” segment. Click here to listen to the podcast with Joanna DeChellis!   

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    In April we were fortunate to bring PGA Professionals David Engram of Mirabel Golf Club, Casey Brozek of Crystal Lake Country Club and Brian Crowell of Silo Ridge Field Club onto the podcast to talk about some of their best practices when it comes to hosting everything from a Monday corporate outing to a larger scale special event. Included below are a few answers transcribed. Listen to the full podcast here: On communication with staff: Brian Crowell: I think not only is communication

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    Recently VGM Club & Club Cents had a great conversation with Chef Ed Brown on sustainability in the food industry. Chef Ed Brown is an author, a frequent guest on NBC's Today Show, CBS's morning show and the Food Network. He is also the VP Chef Innovator at Restaurant Associates. In a 30 minute conversation with host Cam Schultz, Chef Ed offered many great insights into sustainability in the club kitchen. Now, you talk about one single product, can you give our listeners and myself

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    Club Cents is brought to you by our presenting sponsor: Sysco   Interested in joining us on a show? Message us! Click the icon(s) to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.    Episode 44: New Years Resolutions with Kevin Walker Executive Chef and Certified Master Chef Kevin Walker talks about his various experiences in kitchens across the country, and how he ended up at Ansley Golf Club. He dives into how he uses these experiences to train

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    Johnny Davis of the United States Consulting Group (USCG) stopped by our headquarters in June and hopped on our Club Cents podcast to share how the USCG is saving VGM members money. We transposed his answers below. To listen to the episode in its entirety, scroll to the bottom and press play on the embedded media player. USCG is a leading waste and recycling program with over 40,000 clients. They use that buying power to save their customers (currently in a contract or not) an average of

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