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Cardinal offers solutions to your foodservice needs with over 4,000 original designs in four distinct brands. Let your imagination run wild and create a table setting that is perfect for your business: from durable AND practical to stylish AND elegant – mix, match, and then make it your own.  

Cardinal Products

The Cardinal Portfolio of dinnerware lines includes a variety of shapes, sizes and strengths from fully vitrified bodies and extra hard glazes to our own patented process of Extra Strong Porcelain® and Maxima® bodies.  Our ceramic dinnerware stands up to the professional service required in fast-paced foodservice environments

Our newest material innovation is Zenix® Mineralized Dinnerware bringing unmatched strength, durability, and extreme scratch resistance to the vigors of professional food service. This revolutionary new material outperforms competitors by up to 8 times in scratch resistance and mechanical strength.  

Our fully tempered Opal® and Fully Tempered glass dinnerware lines bring value to the table with strength that is proven to be 3 times stronger than any ceramic body. 

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