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Cintas has you covered with a wide range of products and services so that you can open the doors of your operation with confidence. Keep your facility clean and safe and your employees looking their best. Cintas will keep you Ready for the Workday® and you can keep focusing on your business. Offering the following products & services.

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Are you Ready for the Workday®?

Cintas Uniform Rental

Your team’s image is a reflection of your business, and there’s nothing like having them report to work in a clean, professional-looking uniform. With a Cintas uniform rental program, your employees are always ready™ to impress...Whether they’re wearing our Classic Workwear, High Image Apparel, exclusive Carhartt® Rental Workwear, exclusive Chef Works® Rental Culinary Apparel, or our line of apparel tailored for just women. Every week, you’ll simply turn in your uniforms that are ready for laundering – and we’ll take care of all of your cleaning, repairs and maintenance. No laundry to do. No uniforms to buy. No upfront investment. 

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