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ClubProcure members receive cash rebates on food & non-food purchases from hundreds of manufacturers.

ClubProcure encourages our members to participate in the manufacturer rebate program that pays rebates to the end users (your club!). The ClubProcure Culinary program is available at no charge and encompasses thousands of products from over 350 manufacturers currently participating in the direct rebate program.

To receive cash rebates on your food purchases, call 800-363-5480 and speak with one of the ClubProcure representatives or see below for a link to the rebate program enrollment form.

How to Participate

We must have three items to enable you to participate in the rebate program:

1) Your club must be enrolled in the program (Be sure to thoroughly complete your rebate form to ensure we have all the information necessary to get your club started.)

2) Provide account numbers for your broadline food distributor(s) (i.e., Sysco, GFS, FSA, PFG, Shamrock, etc.), as well as smallwares and specialty suppliers.

3) Your signed approval. This will enable us to scan all your club`s invoices to see what food and nonfood items you are purchasing that are targeted for manufacturer rebates to your club. If you are purchasing your food and other nonfood items from a broadline distributor, it will be very easy for us to capture the information for your club.

ClubProcure Culinary Program Enrollment Form

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