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Members enrolled in this program are eligible for the 5 benefits noted below.

Members enrolled in this exclusive ClubProcure program
receive the 5 benefits noted below.

ClubProcure is pleased to offer our members the Top Shelf Bar Program. This program is structured to help reduce expenses with certain educational, training, & printing costs as well as drive revenues for clubs through special activations and promotions.

How does this program work? Teaming with IMI Agency, North America’s most respected beverage funding organization, we have negotiated with numerous industry-leading beer, wine, and spirit brands so that each case sale of participating product fuels a marketing fund collective for ClubProcure member facilities.

As funding grows clubs enrolled in the Top Shelf Program will be able to claim these funds for various alcohol-related expenses.

All active ClubProcure member facilities are eligible to enroll in this program. There are no additional fees to participate. Clubs also do not have to change distribution habits to activate the program. Continue to purchase alcohol as you currently do. To get started, simply click on the enroll button below and complete the form. Your ClubProcure team will take it from there.

The 5 benefits for your club

  1. Promotions & special activations

The Top Shelf Program can provide your staff with tools to succeed including promotional & incentive campaigns. For your patrons, special activations can enhance their experience during the events you host.

  1. Training & certification costs reimbursements

Bar training requirements and alcohol certifications can cost thousands of dollars. As a participant of our Top Shelf Program, clubs can be reimbursed for costs occurred upon submission of authorized documentation. These reimbursements can be used to benefit the club’s bottom line or as an employee value-added benefit (if approved by each club’s code or policy).

  1. Menu & point-of-sale printing funding

Highlighting well-known brand names on your printed menus can peak interest and inspire purchasing. It will also allow you to recover printing costs thus lowering your expenses. Other benefits such as custom menus systems and interactive staff learning initiatives come along with the Top Shelf Bar Program.

  1. Best available pricing

Clubs that enroll for the Top Shelf Program and are not located in restricted or closed states or counties may also benefit from best national, on premise case pricing from beer, wine, and spirit brands that participate in the Top Shelf Bar Program. For a state-by-state refresher of rules & regulations,  click here.

  1.  Streamline purchasing process with Provi

Easily manage your bar inventory, connect with all of your reps, and order faster than ever while also eliminating errors by using Provi—the ultimate all-in-one alcohol eCommerce platform. It’s free to use for all ClubProcure members and will help you capture more value for your Top Shelf Program. Learn more by clicking here.  

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