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ClubProcure members receive preferred pricing and qualify for a free month of service.

We Are Committed to a Higher Standard

Ecolab goes beyond pest control, putting our expertise to work every day to solve the industry’s most complex pest challenges. Through our proactive people and innovative spirit, we protect you today, while advancing new and better solutions to protect you tomorrow.

Ecolab Pest Elimination is the preferred pest service provider for ClubProcure and the trusted partner for many members. Here are a few reasons to partner with us:

  • Our goal is to achieve pest elimination, not just control
  • We specialize in commercial businesses only which is why we are the industry experts
  • We work with you closely to customize your pest elimination program to meet your needs

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Member Benefits

  • Preferred ClubProcure pricing and discounts
  • Free month of service for new customers (click here)
  • Free on-site consultation and program recommendations
  • No hidden fees for equipment, installation or callbacks
  • 24/7 service support and emergency response
  • Proven, science-based protocols and access to latest innovations
  • Highly trained Service Specialists
  • Guaranteed results for a pest-free environment

Pest Services

Additional Services

Trust Ecolab to Help You Win the Fight Against Pests

Ecolab Pest Elimination, an essential service provider, is proud to serve our communities and customers by safeguarding public health, food safety and property from the damaging effects of pests. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Order Information

To make sure you receive your ClubProcure pricing use the following contract number when ordering: ClubProcure Ref: #77793

Already have an account? Contact Ecolab customer service at 800-325-1671

Need to open an account? Contact Alan Larkin at 402-651-6248

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