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No Matter What You Call Yours

Posted On: June 16, 2019 by ClubProcure in: Golf VGM Club

No Matter What You Call Yours

No matter what you call yours, everyone on planet Earth has one. Nearly half of men become one.

Dad, daddy, old man, pa, papa, pops, sir.


This Sunday marks the day Americans officially honor the patriarch of the family.  June 16 also plays host to the final round of our country’s great golf championship—the US Open. These two celebrated events often intertwine on the calendar and rightfully so. While not all fathers in the United States are avid golfers, studies show that there are 13 million fathers who are.

Wanting to find our own story within the data, we did a quick poll around the office. The results showed our team will be flooding the fairways even more than the general public—60% of our VGM team will either be golfing with their dad this Sunday or having their own kids take them to tee it up.

When asked why this honorary tee time was important, our team opened up over email. As I read the replies, the warm feelings and memories came through their words:


“Our dad sacrificed a ton to make our lives better. My siblings and I like to take him to the club for brunch followed by a round of golf. Always wish that Sunday afternoon could be just a little longer.”


“…I am very thankful for my dad and the way he raised me. I aspire to be the man and father my dad is someday.”


“He’s been gone a while but Father’s Day always brings me back to remembering all I learned from him especially on the course. Nearly none of it was about the golf swing either…”


“After Sunday morning golf we host a cookout. It’s a time we take to honor him for being such a wonderful husband and father.”


Our VGM Club team realizes that many of the fathers reading this may have to be working this Sunday at a golf or club facility to make other dads’ weekends special. Preparing the buffet line, welcoming patrons into the clubhouse, making tee sheets flow, cutting crisp pin placements. If that is the case, please know that you are much appreciated not only from your own family but our family not to mention the patrons that visit your course or club. We hope Sunday still can provide you some time to be with those who look up to you and learn from you.

Happy Father’s Day from the VGM Club family.