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    Recently VGM Club & Club Cents had a great conversation with Chef Ed Brown on sustainability in the food industry. Chef Ed Brown is an author, a frequent guest on NBC's Today Show, CBS's morning show and the Food Network. He is also the VP Chef Innovator at Restaurant Associates. In a 30 minute conversation with host Cam Schultz, Chef Ed offered many great insights into sustainability in the club kitchen. Now, you talk about one single product, can you give our listeners and myself

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    Chef Julie Kilgore of The Estancia Club has won VGM Club's first Club Grub contest after submitting her famous Albuquerque Turkey sandwich! Thousands of clubs are serving great sandwiches every day. No secret there. It's also no secret that club chefs across the country are some of the most creative individuals in the industry. It got us thinking, how can we celebrate this? Ah ha! Club Grub Contest - The Sandwich was born. After gathering all of the submissions, Chef Julie's