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What is VGM Club? 7 Answers to the Questions You Find Yourself Asking

Posted On: September 4, 2019 by ClubProcure in: Agronomy Clubhouse Food and Beverage Golf Pro Shop VGM Club

We’ve been helping golf courses and country clubs save money for more than 25 years. With our
membership program, we work to create a partnership with our club members to help them increase their savings while increasing their profitability. Our members are part of our VGM Club community and we are proud of each and every one of them. Still want to know more? Here’s a quick guide to learn more about VGM Club and how we work.

How does your food and beverage program work? When will I begin to see rebates?

One of our favorite programs for members is our food and beverage program. It’s simple to sign up and to begin saving money at your club. First, your club’s culinary team enrolls by completing the paperwork provided by VGM Club that provides us with your distributor’s account numbers and other information. After approximately 30 days, your culinary team will begin to see discounts on particular products when procuring items from a preferred distributor.

After about six months of being a member of the food and beverage program, your club will begin to receive their quarterly rebates savings. In the last year, VGM Club’s programs, including food and beverage, have saved 3,500 golf courses more than $10 million on their procurement needs.

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What is VGM Club?

Since 1994, we’ve been working to save country clubs and golf courses money. We’re a membershipbased company with programs offering discounts and rebates on agronomy, clubhouse needs, food and beverage procurement, and more.

We aim to be the most trusted service provider in the club industry. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our members and we aim to provide high quality customer service, data and technology to our members to give them an upper hand when looking for purchasing solutions.

Over the past year we have worked with more than 3,500 clubs across the nation and we’ve saved more than $10 million on their needs with our available programs.

Learn how VGM Club can work with you to make your country club or golf course be the best it can be.

How can I manage all of my membership benefits?

VGM Club offers an amazing online dashboard for you to utilize and track all of your membership benefits. Within 24 hours of submitting your application to become a VGM Club member, you will receive your login information for your club’s personalized dashboard.

Inside the dashboard, you are able to view your Savings Portfolio, which is broken down by category and distributor. We make it easy for you to view your savings — you can view by month, year, and view your total overall savings since becoming a member.

You’ll also be able to view the Opportunities section that shows your account number associated with a partner company and those companies that you can easily partner with. By clicking on the name of each partner company, you’re able to view the savings you obtain as a VGM Club member, contact the supplier, and more!

Our dashboard was designed with our users in mind and is very easy to understand. As part of your onboarding, you and your team members will be trained on how to use the dashboard to make sure you’re getting the most out of your membership!

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What makes VGM Club different than its competitors?

We pride ourselves in being a high-quality company that focuses on creating forever members. There are three major things that separate us out from other membership-based procurement companies.

Our transparency is key — we show opportunities and value clearly to our members, so they are easily able to take advantage of what is offered to them. Through our member dashboard, you can easily keep track of what value the program is bringing to your course or club in real time.

We have a proactive team-wide effort to make sure our customer relations are the best they can be. Our team is available to answer our member’s questions from capital expenditures or procurement questions; we work to save each member time and energy.

VGM Club has been around for over two decades, truly putting us on the pioneering edge of a business like this. We have the size and effort to put forth a great amount of energy for our members each and every day.

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Who are your current partner companies and how often do you add new ones? Where will I be able to keep track of discounts?

We continually add new partner companies to our list of available distributors. Our business development teams work to identify companies that would best fit our members needs, whether that be a food manufacturer or another type of company referred to us. About 100 companies apply each year and we add 10 to 15 new partners out of the pool of applicants.

New partnerships and discounts can be viewed in the online member dashboard. This shows everything your club is currently utilizing and it works to show you what new contracts could bring to your club or course.

We’re always looking for ways to save you money. Become a member today and access your dashboard now!

How is success measured with becoming a member of VGM Club?

At VGM Club, we focus on more than just increasing our membership. We aim to form a partnership built on trust and respect — this is how we build a relationship with our members. We focus on bringing savings to our members and help them to receive direct benefits for their club.

We’re a national company, which gives us a leg-up. Our team is able to connect our members with our larger partners, instead of those on just a local level, which in turn helps them to receive a greater benefit or discount.

Our team members work to open the eyes of our members and build the relationship understanding that we are leading your club to success down the road through your VGM Club membership. Creating partnerships with our members helps us to advocate on your behalf for you and your club. We always have your best interest in mind!

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What does the relationship with my sales representative look like after joining VGM Club?

We focus on community — it’s that simple. At VGM Club, you’re more than just a number, and we work to truly build a partnership with you and your club. As a community-based team, you’ll be able to work with different people to achieve your goals and fully utilize your membership.

When you become a member of VGM Club, we help open the doors and access points to a community of supplier partners and national vendors. Our team has the goal of increasing your savings and maximizing your time.

Our community is open to you! Join us today.