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Put Down That Power Sprayer!

Posted On: April 1, 2019 by ClubProcure in: Clubhouse Pro Shop VGM Club

This Season's Look on Clubhouse Furniture

Spring has (finally) sprung and with it so has preparation for outdoor seating areas at country clubs across the northern two-thirds of the United States. Pulling patio seating from storage and wiping down outdoor tables are a common occurrence right now. It’s a time-honored tradition and a rite of passage of sorts especially for new staff members.

”But how do I start this power washer?” asks Tim the new kid.

That might be Timmy’s question, but as a manager you may be asking.

“Was our furniture looking this rough at the end of last year too?”

If the answer is yes, your club very well may need to put down that power sprayer and update your outdoor seating areas. Where can you start looking for timely & affordable updates? 

We asked our very own “Queen of Chairs” Carol Swift with the VGM Club Furniture Program to provide direction for clubs in that predicament and list the Top 3 outdoor products purchased last spring from participating VGM Club members. Here’s her Top 3:


  1. Resin chairs –These garden chairs are very universal, easy to clean, and store easily. White was the most popular hue purchased last year, but they come in a variety of colors. What makes this model so great is they have interchangeable seat cushions which help with a much lower cost-of-ownership investment with future wear & tear.


  1. Multi-functional casual seating – These seating areas can be placed in a variety of seating arrangements. Last year fire pits emerged and this furniture works very well around those areas offering guests a great place to linger.


  1. Outdoor patio heaters – The weather is heating up but nevertheless many clubs invested in patio heaters last year. That may have been that a couple manufacturers had closeouts going on, but those offers are going on again this year. It helped some northern clubs get their outside going earlier and also helps on the tail end of the season as well. There are several options that we have that are more esthetically pleasing compared to what the big box stores have out on the floor.

Another product that Carol mentioned finished just outside the Top 3 but is interesting to note was a portable resin picket fence. Numerous clubs purchased this versatile product due to its mobility and easy maintenance.

As the temps soar and your crowds swell on your patios & lawns, make sure the club looks its best. If you’d like more advice or assistance from Carol, click here for her contact information.